Friday, July 18, 2008

Arrrrrrgh!! Way too long without writing...

My marvelous little friends :-)
July 15

I learned that a guy I used to know when I was young has skin cancer. He's a couple of years younger than me, and has the worst type of skin cancer you can get, Melanoma. I spent that day comforting a friend of mine who still knows him well, and researching the disease. Quite educational, but very grim. I wish him all the best and just hope that everything turns out fine.

July 16

We already have a friend staying over this week (pictured above), and a friend of hers (also in above picture) came over. He's awesome. I've been enjoying their company greatly.

July 17

The cool dude slept over (do I have the most awesome parents or what?) but sadly had to be brought home this evening. His dad owns a hot sauce store, and he was telling us a bit about that. Also interesting about this guy, he's an emo/scene kid, which brings up all sorts of stuff about how teens have a need to fit in or rebel, how looks and style affects the way other people see you, etc. Quite fascinating really.

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