Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bush trimming and science shows

I was lazy for much of the day, until I decided to head out and enjoy the beautiful day. My mother was gardening all day, and when I finally emerged from the house I helped out a bit by trimming the bushes. My dad also got his new (to him only) Yamaha motorcycle started up. VROOM VROOM! I'm really looking forward to getting a ride on it once it's all fixed up...

It was my dad's birthday today, so we kept it it casual like he wanted, ordered in a pizza, and got cake from Premier Moison, an amazing local bakery. Then my dad and me watched an episode of Nova, and the episode of Nova Science Now that followed. We both enjoy that show. Cool stuff...

I read a few essays on Paganism and Wicca which where quite interesting, and then I wrote this!

Oh, and at some point during the day I finished packing. (Almost) all set for the cottage! Yay!

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