Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Music, lovely music

Later last night I decided I was hungry, having eaten a very late lunch and skipped supper, so I made myself some noodles vegetables and tofu in oriental peanut sauce. Next time I make that I'll have to actually measure and post the recipe here...

Today, I discovered some amazing new music. Dear Mr. President by Jason Fisher made me very sad. I listened to it about 5 times though, because it is also very moving, and very pretty. I also really liked Witness by Ember Swift. If you're interested in listening to either of those songs (or a whole bunch of other ones) in full for free, check out this link Oh, and all those musical selections are from the July/August issue of Veg News. I finished reading the articles I hadn't gotten to previously, and found myself once again energized and ready to make a difference in the world. I'd advise checking it out, perhaps it can do the same thing for you...

I wrote a new poem today. Quite possibly the most difficult to understand poem I've ever written (at least according to my mom. When I finished it she was the only one around, so I've yet to get other opinions...). Here it is...

Hope is a powerful word

How can you describe
The spirit of an open night
The shadow on the wings of flight

To feel your mind
The taste of summer on your tongue
A glittering expanse of icy tears

Ten thousand souls in laughing song

To smiling relate
A shattered window held by will
An only tree that's growing still

To try-

Yet you can't describe.

The deepest whole
An endless soul

Of night and light and windy skies
Of death and life and hands-held-high

We simply know

With tears of gladness filling
Cupped hands
And hollow hearts

If you would like to read some of my other poems (it would make me very happy if you did. Even happier if you left a comment or two. :-P), check out my poetry blog at:

I wrote the start of another poem, but decided I didn't like it so stopped.

Tomorrow, when I'm hopefully more awake, I'm going to write a letter of protest to CBC. I find it disgusting that on one program, they talk about better animal rights laws (Fifth Estate is re-airing an older episode on the abuse of animals in entertainment) yet they air the Calgary Stampede every year, where the animals are hurt and their lives put in danger for the entertainment of the masses. I only wish our culture was evolved enough to no longer find entertainment in something that causes pain to others... Well, that's enough for now.

Listening to today: Witness by Ember Swift, Dear Mr. President by Jason Fisher, Tongue Tied by Faber Drive

Reading: Veg News


  1. I hear you on the animal rights issues, goodness, it's crazy!

    Isabelle, that poem is AMAZING! I love, absolutely LOVE poems like that. Totally and completely. I think I'm going to copy it into my poetry book to read again. That really touched me, thank you.

  2. Aww *squeaks in happiness and does a little dance* thank you so very much! I'm always rather insecure about my poetry, and I'm extremely happy when I can touch someone with my words. Thank you.

  3. I loved your poem too. It made me think of Obama's acceptance speech--I was lucky enough to be there and the hope feeling you were talking about was exactly like that! :]