Friday, July 25, 2008

More days with no posts! Arrrrgh!

July 24

I honestly cannot remember what I did, so it must have been a boring day. Either that or I'm really too tired to be writing this! Oh wait! I remember... It rained. Beautiful sheets of water falling down... Thunder booming. Storms fill me with energy, they make me feel alive. I also danced around being very hyper and annoying everyone. :-)

July 23

We went to my grandmothers house to see my great-grandmother, age nearly 98, off. She was heading to her birthplace of Gaspe with her son. She owns a nice old house there, right next to the house she was born in nearly a century ago. Cool, eh? Amazingly, she's still with it a good portion of the time. This particular visit she knew exactly who we were and what was going on. I felt bad for her since she was scared of traveling (she hates pretty much any form of travel and always has!). After she was picked up, we just spent time with my grandma for a while...

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