Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movies, manga and SUSHI!!!

Yesterday was a good day. Early in the morning, before I was up, my sister headed off to the manga and anime convention with a friend, so I was a bit bored early on in the day, but as soon as I was forced to turn my computer off due to the storm, I started to enjoy myself. I talked to my mother for a while, discussing our favorite things (environmentalism and other hippie-ish things). After she headed out to run a few errands (I hate gray days and didn't feel like going with her), I settled down to watch one of my all time favorite movies, Howl's Moving Castle. Hiyao Miyazaki, creator of that and several other amazing movies, is a genius. He takes animated storytelling to a whole new level!

When my mother arrived back home, we made sushi! I love vegetarian sushi, and contrary to many people's opinions, it's not all that hard to make. It's a bit time consuming, what with cutting up all of the vegetables and everything, and it takes a bit of practice to get the rolls tight (the rolling is up to my mom :-P), but it's certainly not rocket science. Here's a picture of the delicious finished project...

Cucumber, avocado, grated carrots and alfalfa sprouts. Yummmm :-)

I had a marvelous meal time conversation as well. A very good mother daughter bonding day all around :-P

In the evening, my mother and I headed down town to pick up my sister and friend, and they happily chattered about their day and the people they met, as well as showing us all of the stuff they bought! My sister got me a cool laminated bookmark with the character L from Deathnote on it (he was my favorite from the series!) and a Boo (from Nintendo games) pin. All cool. I will write more tonight!

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