Monday, July 28, 2008

New look

Today I got a haircut!! I still look like a hippie though. :-P It's all curly and bouncy. Me like. :-)

We (very briefly) visited my grandma, then visited my grandpa's grave since today is the 8th anniversary of his death. Not a cheerful anniversary. I love the Jewish custom of leaving a small stone on the headstone. It feels more personal being able to leave something more lasting than flowers at a grave...

After we picked my dad up from the airport, I started sorting my clothes, since I need to pack! We're heading to our cottage Saturday, that day is very rapidly approaching, and we are most certainly not ready!

As soon as I get the time, I want to make a video blog post type thing, and post it on YouTube. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Listening to today: Day Three: Pain by Ayreon (an absolutely fricken amazing song and band/project!!)

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