Monday, July 21, 2008

Old newspapers and magazines

Well, early this afternoon I was dragged to my grandparents (on my fathers side) house. I expected to be bored stiff as usual, since they don't speak English all that well, and I don't really speak French at all (I do know how to say a lot of simple stuff, I just freeze up when people are actually listening!). However, I wasn't really bored for most of the time. They spoke English, and I actually talked. I think I totally surprised (and amused) my grandfather by actually having opinions of my own!

I continued reading the Teenage Liberation Handbook, and got even more idea's of thing to do.

In the evening, my sister wanted to go see a movie with a couple of friends, so after my mom and I dropped her off we went to my grandmother's (on my mother's side this time) house. And I was absolutely thrilled with what she found for me in her basement. A newspaper from May of 1918. It's yellowed, cracked, and it's only a few pages, but I felt goosebumps as I held it. There in my hands was an actual peice of history. The first world war was still going on, and there is even a list of those who died or were injured the previous day, with names and where they lived. There's an advertisement for shoes that cost $3.50. It's downright amazing. She also gave me a stack of magazines ranging from ten to sixty years old, and a complete copy of the Montreal Star from February of 1952. I can't wait to look through that one as well! And I decided I want to start a collection of old papers and letters and stuff. Old writing. I'm going to send out a post on Freecycle... Now I need to find out how to safely handle and store papers that are that old... My job for tomorrow!

On that same subject, I've always loved old books and things, but had kind of forgotten about that particular interest until today. Now I've been thinking how cool it would be to volunteer in a museum and help the archivist sort through papers and documents. I don't know if helpers in that particular position are usually needed, but I'd be happy to give it a try. To get my hands on all those little windows into another time and place, another human mind... Anyway, enough ranting on that for now.

Listening to today: To Lose The Way by Josh Woodward, something I can't remember by Nirvana

Reading: TLH, ancient newspapers

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