Monday, July 28, 2008

Religious research, chattering, and much exhaustion

I enjoyed just relaxing outside for a while, watching the world go by, and talking to my mother and her friend. On that note, many people consider a teen to be a 'loser' if they get along/spend lots of time with their parents, or if they actually have conversations with adults. I say that's ludicrous. One thing I hear a lot (although not to my face thank goodness) about homeschooling (which most people lump unschooling in with) is that all the kids are 'mama's boys/girls' and are controlled by their parents. For my family, that's simply not true. I find the kids that have the best relationships with their parents, both un/homeschooled and regular schooled, have good relationships because their parents treat them with respect and do not try and overload them with rules. There really is very little we "can't" do, and I'm far from rebellious. I've never done drugs (although I want to try marijuana sometime, just to see what all the fuss is about), I've never gotten drunk even though I'm allowed to have alcohol if I want (the thought of getting drunk just isn't appealing to me), the closest I've come to breaking the law is jaywalking! But all the stuff I haven't (or have) done is because of me choosing whether or not to do it, not my parents. And as for the mama's girl thing, I've been away from home before. I can survive without my mother holding my hand. I simply spend time with my parents, or other adults, because I enjoy their company. One thing I've found, yet many considerably older people seem yet to have grasped, is that old or young, gay or straight, white or black, there really isn't much of a difference. Of course everyone is unique, but it is their personalities that set them appart, not any other factor. So here ends my rant on that.

I did some interesting research today on Unitarian Universalist's, a religious group I'd heard a bit about, not enough to really understand their beliefs, but enough to make me curious. From what I'd heard, it sounded like it might fit my mother's beliefs. Turns out, it just might. She finds it interesting, but doesn't want to join any religious groups since she's "too busy". And it's not really my cup of tea. I'd love to find a community that understood my beliefs, but although UU's are creedless and welcoming of all religions, and their guidlines fit my personal beliefs, it still seems too much like going to Christian church, and they "teach" children and teenagers about religion, something that turns me off. No one has ever "taught" me anything very important in my life. I've LEARNED from people, and they've shared their knowledge, but not "taught". I don't believe in teaching. End second rant.

With my learning more about religion, I discovered a Pagan resource center in Montreal. Something I'm definitely interested in looking into more thoroughly...

Of course, we also picked my sister and her friend up from the second and last day of the anime convention. Once again, they chattered all the way home. They spent the whole day hanging out with some new friends, and seemed to quite enjoy themselves.

Wow, this post is unusually long... But I think that's probably a good thing, so it's all good!

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