Friday, July 18, 2008

So, now that I'm done catching up... (read below post)

Today, our guest for the week had to go home. Things are so much quieter without her! Drama seems to hang around her in an ever present cloud, so things are very rarely boring (or restful) when around her!

It's official now: everyone thinks (knows) I'm a hippie. And teases me. Since hippies are amazingly cool though, I'm not exactly insulted. I had an interesting discussion on marijuana, dealing, using, culture of use etc. Just a note, although I may be a hippie, I personally don't do drugs of any sort. I do find the culture surrounding drug use interesting, however.

We also ran around in the rain, dancing and singing, drawing on the wet car, eating edible plants, making flower chains, talking and, of course, getting very wet. I'm sure we appeared to all passers by to be using some type of mind altering substance! Great fun.

This evening, I picked up my copy of The Teenage Liberation Handbook and continued reading. I find that whenever I start feeling hopeless, listless, and inadequate, reading Grace Llewellyn's ever optimistic words always helps instill me with enthusiasm once again. I will always keep that book close at hand for whenever I need a pick-me-up about education, or really, life in general. I'm greatly looking forward to meeting her for myself this coming Fall!

The news was interesting today. There was a segment on musical education in elementary schools, and I found myself feeling sorry for all the poor kids trapped in school. And even more interestingly, a segment on the clothing industry in Quebec, and it's problems with outsourcing to Asian countries. The more I know about our world culture, the more I think our entire system needs a complete overhaul. I'm still searching for ways I can be instrumental in that...

Oh, and I discovered an amazing artist today! His name is Josh Woodward and he plays acoustic rock, and gives away all of his music for free. Yes, you read that right. You can download mp3's of all his songs from his site for free, or buy the hard copy's of his CD's for anywhere between $2 and $20, you choose. Pretty darn cool in my opinion. His music really is awesome. You can check him out at

Listening to today: To Lose The War, I Want To Break Something Beautiful, and Josephine by Josh Woodward

Reading: TLH (again)

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