Sunday, July 6, 2008

A trip to Grandma's, much conversation, and some good old TLH

So, what did I do today? Well, it was a visit Grandma day, so mostly out of my control, but I did read some more of The Teenage Liberation Handbook (I think it's even better reading it the second time around!), Watched an episode of Mythbusters, and had a brief conversation with my family about religion. I really enjoy talking about my personal beliefs, as well as other peoples, and I find the more I talk about them, the more my views clarify. I find myself more and more comfortable with the path I've chosen. I also had a very interesting conversation with my grandmother about my plans for the future. I used to want to be a journalist, but at this point I really don't like the idea of spending four years in a classroom, and spending all the money on that when I could be doing so many more fascinating, life learning things with the same money!! Plus I don't think I'd make all that good a journalist. I'm less of a 'let's find the facts person' and more of a 'ooh look it's a pretty butterfly I should write a poem about it' one. I've been playing with the idea of clothing design, or even more interesting to me, opening a vegetarian restaurant. I'm going to look into the courses offered near me and see if I can find any on vegetarian cooking. I like making my own recipes on occasion, and I think I should post one here one of these days...

After I'm finished writing this, I'll probably read either some more of the TLH, or possibly continue reading the absolutely marvelous book I discovered at my local library entitled, quite simply, Faeries, described and edited by Brian Froud and Alan Lee. I will add a full description/review once I'm finished it!

Green Fact: Did you know that you should only ever buy carrots organic? Apparently they're actually used as a detoxifying crop in contaminated ground. Just think of all the pesticides and crap they must absorb normally. Yuck.

Listening to today: Pork and Beans by Weezer

Reading: The Teenage Liberation Handbook, Faeries

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