Thursday, July 10, 2008

Waaaay too much cleaning!

Today, I'm exhausted. I had very little sleep last night, since I went to bed exceedingly late and woke up early. *Groan*. While my dad is out of town my mom is remodeling our pantry, and in the process both making a lot of mess and cleaning up much of our messy house. Her best friend was over for most of the day, helping and directing. A lot got done, but I'm worn out as well as being tired now!!

During the day I made a quinoa salad, but it was a bit of a flop. Oh well. With some serious tweaking it could still be good... Speaking of food, I'm seriously considering becoming vegan. It would be a big change though, so that's why I'm thinking a lot before making the decision! Also, my mom's friend knows of a vegetarian cooking course nearby. I think it's probably a very basic one, though, but I'm going to look into it anyway.

After the cleaning finally stopped, my mom, sister, and I headed to the local mall for a bit of shopping. I got a really cute little black dress for an amazing price!

I listened to some more music in my (very little) spare time, read a small amount of The Teenage Liberation Handbook, and that was about it...

I'm going to go eat a very late supper now, and probably get an early night.

Listening to today: Dear Mr. President (I can't get enough of that song!) by Jason Fisher, Day Sixteen: Loser by Ayreon (one of the greatest bands ever!)

Reading: The TLH


  1. I've seriously considered going vegan too. It really is a hard decision in a way, but I know I could do it. I think I have to wait until I move out though, because even not eating meat in this household is sometimes pushing my parents limits. :D But they have adapted well, so maybe I could do it. I don't know. Go for it, though, I think it's fantastic!

  2. It's only a matter of time before I do at this point... :-)