Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anarchy for all!

Okay okay, I kind of fell down on the job of writing regular posts, but I'm catching up now, so all good!

August 10

I read all kinds of absolutely fascinating essays and things on DeviantArt. Mostly to do with Anarcho-Primitivism. Anarcho-Primitivism is one of the many versions, or perhaps philosophies is a better word, of how anarchy should/would work. Followers of that particular view believe that everything started to go wrong with the advent of agriculture. As soon as there was any ownership or concept of personal property, they argue, fighting was bound to start, and everything went downhill from there. This is backed up by anthropologists apparently, although I haven't personally traced the sources. So basically, anarcho-primitivists wish to go back to the days of the hunter gatherer, where people lived with no hierarchical structure or authority, and were the earth was respected, not desecrated. That's a condensed version of how I understand it, from reading essays and writing back and forth with a guy who truly believes this is what's best for the world. If I got some stuff wrong, I'm sorry, and feel free to add corrections via comments on this post! I find these views fascinating, and it really does seem to make sense... Cool stuff.


  1. Lols, everything lately is cool stuff, eh :P?

  2. What, I'm not allowed to say stuff is cool? That it Em, huh, HUH?!? :-P