Sunday, August 17, 2008

So, to sum it up...

Several days, no post. Oops. I don't really want to do a post for every day, so instead I'll just make a random list of things I did in the last few days:
  • Wrote the reviews that were due for the magazine I write for
  • Discussed (online and with friends and family) anarcho-primitivism and direct action
  • Discussed (online) education, the educational system, and how it could be improved, with an education specialist
  • Watched a fascinating video of a lecture by this anarcho-primitivism guy called Derrick Jensen, who's books I am now reading (
  • Listened to lots of music with tin whistles in it
  • Found out where to buy tin whistles and made plans to get one
  • Sat and soaked up the beautiful outdoors
  • Took a series of photo's of a spider in it's web
  • Watched lots of stuff from the Olympics
  • Greeted a friend who just returned home
  • Went for brisk (and pretty long!) walks two days in a row
  • Wrote a poem, which can be found at my poetry blog
  • Pulled a million burs off of the stupid dog
  • Danced around excitedly
So, a pretty good week. I'm still super exited about life in general, I'm still uber exited about camp, and that's about all I feel is important to say right now!

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