Sunday, September 14, 2008

Last minute things to do...

So, after looking forward to this for four months, I leave for Not Back To School Camp on Tuesday. That's the freakin' DAY AFTER TOMORROW! Aghhhhhhg! I know there's not much left to do, but I can't help feeling that I'm going to forget vitally important items, that there must be something I haven't thought of... Of course, I'm also extremely exited, meeting all of those amazing people, doing cool new things... I know I'll be ready, that things will go okay, but I still can't help swinging between wildly exited and crazily worried. That's just me I guess. I've never been good with happy mediums!

I still haven't managed to get my new camera's software installed (damn screwy computer), but I'll try again in a little while, and hopefully get the pictures currently on my memory card onto the computer so I've get tons of space for pictures at camp!

Now off to do a few last minute things... Mark clothes with my name, make sure everything fits in my bag, wash the dog (who got into something extremely stinky. Yuck.), mop the floor so that it does not transfer all of the dirt onto the clean dog... Sigh.

One of the first shots I took with my new camera (loaded onto my computer by putting the memory card in my old camera)... Didn't quite turn out as planned, but I still like it for some reason. :-)

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