Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Well, today was really really cool. I talked to people online, just really pleasant conversations, then went shopping with my mom for some stuff. While we were out, I did something I've been planning to do for at least a week now: Buy hair dye and a bleaching kit. I coulden't get the exact shade I wanted, so I settled on a different shade of purple. Still pretty cool! After supper, yet more shopping. Having already gotten the dye, I was extremely bouncy, hyper, and twitchy. Well, both looking forward to purple hair and worrying about camp, which is in a week now... How time flies! Outside, in the early evening, was absolutely gorgeous. Like really, truly, beautiful. It was cool, but not too cold. Crisp is the correct word, I believe. The clouds were dark in the sky, still visible from the light of the fading sun. On nights like this, spirits seem to fly. When we arrived home, I could smell a wood stove. I love the smell of burning on cool Fall days more than almost anything. Inside, it was warm and cozy. We were all in good moods, talking and laughing. I'm a silly and told my mom I wanted purple horses instead of purple hair (in French les cheveux (hair) and les chevaux (horses) sound very very similar!). So after much bouncing around in nervousness and exitement, I got my hair bleached. Which scared the crap out of me ("What if you get it in my eye and I go blind mom?!?") but went well. Then the beautiful dye, which both looked and smelled like acrylic paint, and got quite a nice shade if I do say so myself. I took several different videos chronicling the different stages of the dyeing process, and will now post them! I tried to upload them, but it failed....

Ooh! On that note, I got a new camera! A Canon PowerShot A460 which is quite cool. Plus I got it for just $80 brand new... So that's why I'm having trouble downloading, because I haven't quite got everything figured out. I'll post the videos and pic's as soon as I possibly can! Oh, and if my writing abilities do not seem to be up to scratch, it's because I'm exhausted right now. Anyway, bed time! Peace.

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