Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What's been happening since camp...

Well, sadly, not much. I've been recuperating, returning to my bad habit of staying up late and getting up late, and keeping my good habit of eating healthy. I have not eaten chips (a previously big weakness of mine) for over a month now, and I've been cooking a lot of my own food, and eating very little processed crap. On Saturday I had a marvelous time with my mom buying organic produce. First we went to a local market, and get some peppers, greens, and apples there, before heading to a nearby organic farm that we hadn't been to in years! The owner still recognized my mom, since in my families more healthy past she was a regular customer. When my sister and I were young, my family had a very healthy diet, but as we got older and busier, we slipped into eating the mainstream crappy processed food way too often. Then, however, I started being very environmentally aware and very health conscious, so we're eating healthier again! :-) My mom spent a while talking to the organic farmer dude, while I talked to his university aged son who works for his dad. Which was pretty cool. And now I'm a happy veggie who has LOTS of organic veggies to cook with! :-)

On a not so great note, I still haven't fixed things so my cpictures download onto the correct drive, so it's difficult to post stuff here... Oh well, an old(er) photo will haveto suffice.


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