Monday, October 27, 2008

Bookshelf Tours part 1

I've had the idea for a while now to give readers (if any people actually read this blog regularly!), a tour of my family's bookshelves. It just says so much about us all. And honestly, when I think about it, I've wanted to write down all the cool stuff on our bookshelves just for myself as well! I forget all the cool stuff there is so much of the time...

I guess I'll start with the two bookshelves in my room. Yes, I have two bookshelves almost completely filled in my bedroom. First, the one right next to my computer... On the top shelf you will find:
  • The American Girls Handybook followed closely by several books on history, a book on plays, weird laws in Canada, and a short fat book entitled Cats, with beautiful illustrations, stories and poems. Next you'll find a poetry book; Secrets of QiGong; The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces; a guide to fitness; several more literature books and a rhyming dictionary which are then followed by a book on Irish mythology (I love Irish mythology!). A couple of babysitting books; an aviation encyclopedia from half a century ago; and some sociology books I've never really looked at finish off that shelf. Oh wait, not quite. Stuffed onto the front and nearly falling off are the Teenage Liberation Handbook: How To Quit School And Get A Real Life And Education and Everywhere All The Time: A New Deschooling Reader.
  • Next shelf down we see that half the shelf is taken up by books on horses. Several encyclopedias on breeds, several manuals on how to ride, and a few on care and training of horses. Next several books on nature, birds, then a few on dogs and a bunch on cats. And for some reason the Idiot's Guide To French Verbs is stuffed in the middle of the cat section. Following the cat section is From The Ground Up (aviation), a Christmas song book (there's supposed to be two Christmas song books there, but I wandered off with the other one a couple days ago and haven't put it back...), a Christmas literature book, a tin whistle book I'd thought I'd lost (I never thought of looking on THAT shelf), a SAT study guide (even though I don't want to take the SAT), and a book on stamp collecting.
  • The next shelf is mostly papers and "school" supplies. But there is The Complete Book Of Herbs stuffed onto the end!
  • A few books have also migrated onto my desk. These include: 20th Century Poetry and Poetics; Teach Your Own by John Holt; Perfect Digital Photography; Celtic Myth and Legend; and a couple of other poetry books.
Geez, that's a lot of books... I think I'll stop here for now! Sorry to have bored you with that, but it was totally worth it. I FOUND MY TIN WHISTLE BOOK! *Happy*


P.S. Here are a few photo's I took on a couple of my most recent walks...

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