Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Catch-up post

I hate it when I don't write here for a while... I feel like there's a million things I should be saying here, since so many days have passed, yet I feel I'm forgetting lots of interesting little things in the process...

I've been cooking a lot. Nearly every day, actually, which is a huge jump from what I was doing before camp! I'll post some pictures as soon as I get them downloaded... :-)

I'm also currently reading two interesting books, Catch-22, which is hilariously funny and bizarre, and Strangely Like War: The Global Assualt On Forests by Derrick Jensen and George Draffan, which is terribly sad and makes me very angry at timber corporations and the government that supports them.

OH! And I started this new project that I'm really exited about, called One Page Story Project (www.onepagestory.blogspot.com), in which I write as many single page stories as I can, and invite others to write One Page Stories and share the links to them as well. Actually, I should really write another one today, since it's been a few days since I posted one...

This blog is also getting a bit more publicity, both on Jake and Anne O's beautiful photo blog (they have some seriously awesome shots up there) http://anneojakeo365.blogspot.com/, where a link to my blog was posted in the October 3rd post, and also on the Canadian Home Educators Blog Carnival at http://canadianhomeeducatorscarniva.blogspot.com/ where my post Melancholy and Beautiful Books was featured. Thank you guys!


EDIT: I was just going through the Home Educators Blog Carnival list, and when I came across a post on teaching politics, I added this comment:

"My sister (15) and I (17) are unschoolers, so haven’t really ever been officially taught politics, but of course we’ve done much learning about it over the years! I enjoyed this post, since it really made me think of how much we do actually know about politics and the whole political system! We’ve been debating politics with friends and each other for years, we can tell you what each party stands for, how we feel they come across, our opinions on their politics etc. I’ve also started paying a lot of attention to media bias and add campaigns, both of which fascinate me… And that’s not even to mention all the discussion and reading I’ve done on alternative styles of government, such as anarchy, communism, etc."

I find myself discovering daily how much I really do know, and feeling less and less that unschooling has stunted my learning in any way. On the contrary, I feel like I've had a much better and much fuller learning experience than many others are lucky enough to have!

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