Friday, October 24, 2008

Childrens books

Inspired by Jake and Anne O's library program, and Jake's desire to write and illustrate a childrens book, my mother took out a small stack of childrens books from our library a while back. They then sat forgotten for a couple of weeks on our shelves until they were returned today. Well, most of them were returned. I found a couple that had been stashed away in a different location, picked one up, and opened the cover. I don't think I stopped smiling throughout the book. It was beautiful, bright, and marvelous. So I started thinking... Why is there this stigma, this expectation that only children (or those with young children) should read childrens books? A beatifully illustrated childrens book is no less valid an art form than anything that hangs on a gallery wall! And what was that marvelous book you ask, that book that makes me now want to raid the childrens section of my local library? It's called The Umbrella and it's by a favorite author of ours from when I was young, Jan Brett. Apperently this one was published after I was older, since I've never heard of it before, and we ALWAYS checked out new Jan Brett books when I was young! So here's a little suggestion from me to you, a challenge if you like. If you or your children have already "outgrown" childrens books, (and if you're reading this you certainly have "outgrown" them yourself, even if your kids haven't, or at least by society's standards you have) forget about that. Go to your library, look on the shelves and find yourself a beautiful childrens book to love and enjoy! :-) Oh, and if you're interested in seeeing their gorgeous photo's, or hearing a bit about their unschooling life, check out Anne and Jake's blog here:

Idzie :-)

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