Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Guess what?


Big wet flakes that melt on tongues and catch on eyelashes. That sting your face and delight your soul. That make wet sounds as they hit the pavement and melt, yet cover the lawn in a carpet of white wonder... The first snowfall is always something magical and soul lifting! Each new season brings such joy, that it would be absolutely impossible for me to pick a favorite season. I always tell people that my favorite seasons are the current one and the next one! The world never ceases to amaze me, to uplift me, to make me unbelievably happy. So here's to the wonder of life.

Peace, love, happiness, and lots of snow,



  1. Nice of you to send the snow my way in Pittsburgh, PA! We're getting your snow today :)

  2. I just found your blog, and I like it :) I'm unschooled too, and it rocks. Everyone I meet says "whoa, I can't imagine not going to school" and I say "I can't imagine GOING to school!" hahaha! Anywho, just saying hi!

  3. Love your snow pics (and others through-out your blog :) We just moved south from Minnesota, and I'm going to miss the beauty of snow. I found your blog from Ronnie's(Zombie Princess)

    Oh! And I loved your tour of your book cases.. I'm a complete book junkie!

  4. Thanks all for your comments! :-)
    Comments make me happy :-D

  5. Hello Idzie! Thanks for commenting on my blog about unschooling. I was actually wondering if by chance you would be willing to do an interview-type thing. My blog is actually for an education class that I have, so it would be really cool to have a primary source! I could type up a list of questions (not too many) and it'd be great if you would respond to them so we could all get a feel for what unschooling is really like. What do you think? Let me know.