Sunday, November 16, 2008


For a while now I've had the idea to write a blog post about some of the numerous things I'm grateful for. Not thankful, that sounds mildly snobbish to me, or at the very least obnoxious (no offense to anyone one else who uses it... I just have some bad connotations attached to it in my head :-S). Just the things that make me whole, make me happy, make me feel immensely grateful to be a part of this world. This has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, since the Canadian one has passed (I was too busy making delicious food to think of anything else I was thankful for other than food!), and I don't celebrate the American thanksgiving. It's simply something that's been floating around in my head, so I decided to write it down.

I am immensely grateful for:
  • Warm fuzzy cat-family that climbs on my shoulder or lap and vibrates with happiness, lovingly blinking or eyes shut in contentment. Being poked with a cold little nose and licked by a tongue rough as sandpaper when it's decided I need to be groomed. Smooth whiskers and soft fur.
  • Big clumsy dogs, and little bouncy ones. Hugging the dogs, and getting kissed nearly to death. Playing hide-and-go-seek with Winston and Flora, and the excitement on their faces when they find me. Cuddling on the floor with them both. Shared looks of love.
  • The freedom to see that we're not free.
  • Unschooling. Being able to learn what I want, when I want. Getting to explore the world on my own terms.
  • Autumn, with the smell of woodsmoke on the air, the crisp wind, the trees that dazzle as they flutter in the wind, orange and red and yellow and green. The smell of Fall! Racing the wind and losing, exulting as your spirit races still. The sound of leaves skittering over the pavement. The clear sky and cold stars.
  • Winter. Walking at night over fresh fallen snow, the streetlamps turning the ground into a billion glittering ice-cold shards of snow. How everything is muffled, and when I turn around, my bootprints, and the prints of my companions, are the only thing that mars the otherwise untouched blanket of whiteness. Singing Christmas songs as we walk home, laughing as the snowflakes catch on our eyelashes and sting our cheeks. Huge fluffy flakes that make perfect snowballs. Curling up in front of the wood stove on the coldest, darkest nights.
  • Spring, when the snow finally melts, and the rivulets of melting snow make their own miniature water-ways. The constant drip as icicles steadily shrink. The first blades of grass when the snow is all gone. The sweet smell of melting earth. The first dandelions, picked and put in water, yellow bright and cheery. The first bugs, met with much excitement. Sunbathing in front of the window, so happy to have the beautiful yellow beams of light replacing the cool blue of Winter.
  • Summer sun, lazy days spent soaking up the heat. The feeling of relaxation and community that seems to happen when school is out and everyone has the freedom to hang out (almost) as much as they want. Beautiful gardens that fill my heart with joy. The springy feeling of grass when you run or sit on it. Sitting on the sun warmed front steps, watching the sun set. The smell of sun and earth.
  • Night time. Nights when spirits seem to fly, when my heart feels so full of joy it might burst. Walking through the shadows, voices hushed as secrets fall softly on the still air. Nights spent running around laughing, singing full volume, ruining the silence and most likely waking someone or other up. Nights spent sitting in darkness on the roof of the car, watching the leaves dancing as some unknown presence spins by. Nights spent looking up at the moon, and the stars.
  • Cooking. The feeling of pride when a recipe of my own invention actually tastes as good as I'd imagined. Good cookware and knives (which make me way happier than such mundane items should!). Opening the pantry and feeling my heart lift at all the rows of food stuff just waiting to be made into a terrific meal.
  • Reading books that open my eyes to the world, that let me see things in a new way, that bring me great joy, and great sadness.
  • Writing poetry, seeing my soul pour out in the scribbled pen marks on a page. The feelings I get while I'm writing. The feeling of satisfaction and mixed emotions I get when I finish a poem. The pride I feel when I actually like a poem I've written!
  • My sister, who is truly my best friend in the world, and with whom I can share anything. The beautiful open-hearted conversations we have while lying in bed that last well into the night and early morning.
  • My father, who teases me mercilessly and whom I regularly get into mock fights with. The jokes we make and the quiet companionship we share. The look of pride and affection on his face as he looks at me, and how I can almost always make him laugh.
  • My mother, who genuinely agrees with my opinions more often then anyone else. Who will ALWAYS give a hug when needed. Whom I love talking with every day. Who is the most amazing mother ever.
  • The unconditional love I get from all my family.
  • Friends that squabble constantly, whom I get mad at, then forgive. Who get mad at me, then forgive me. The countless conversations we've had. The times I've laughed until I hurt from their antics. Games of Shark in the basement, walks in the woods, and cuddling in people piles.
  • Friends that I've never met, friends I want to meet, people I want to get to know better, and people I'll never meet, yet still have a special place in my heart and memories.
  • The whole damn world, which never ceases to amaze and fascinate me.

I know I'm missing a million things. I know that there are soooo many things I'll remember later and and kick myself for forgetting to add. I think this also ended up mushier then I intended, but what can I do. It made me happy while writing it. :-) Ooh, there's another thing I'm grateful for: Blogging!


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  1. I don't know why I didn't comment on this when your first wrote it! It is sweet and real and shows how much there is in the world to be thankful for.