Friday, November 28, 2008

My family and art

Ages ago, like the beginning of this blog ages ago, I started a collage on my wall and put pictures of it on here. When I got home from NBTSC, I added a painting I had made there and that I'm now getting around to showing on here. Actually, I believe in my Not Back To School Camp post I actually have a picture of the painting in progress... It's abstract, and nothing special really, but somehow it just really appeals to me. *Shrugs*

I also took pictures of my family today. Below are Emi fresh from a shopping trip today, and wearing her brand new gloves which she loves, and my father. They are both made of pure awesomeness. :-)



  1. Awww...your Dad is so cute! :) I believe you have an awesome family. Just like mine!!! :) Hugs!!!

  2. Yay for awesome families!! :-D

  3. OH, are you going back to Not Back To School Camp next year? I really want to go! Maybe I'd see you there!!!! Of course, you have no clue what I look like, so I'd have to find you and somehow convince you that I really am Stella. Haha, and you'd have to learn my real name, which would be confusing, but it would be SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

  4. *Grins* Yes, Emi is quite something... :-P

    That would be so cool!! :-D But which one would you go to? Because of where I live, I'd be going to the Vermont session(s)... And if I do end up going, Emi will be with me as well. :-)

  5. Oh darn, I probably wouldn't be going to the Vermont one. Maybe I could go there, but most likely not. DARN IT!

  6. Have you heard of the LIFE is Good NW Unschooling Conference? It's in Vancouver, around May I think. I'm thinking about going, and trying to warm my mom up to the idea. You should at least check out the website :)

  7. Yeah. :-( I thought of going to the Oregon one this year, but it would have cost way to much to travel there! :-S

    I've heard of the LIFE is Good conference... And thanks for the link! My family is most likely going to the We Shine unschooling conference in the Toronto area, and we've been looking at other conferences as well, but I'm pretty sure we'll be sticking to this coast. It just costs too much to go further! :-(