Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New poetry and the miracle of my sister cooking *gasps*

I wrote a new poem last night which I'd love you to check out (and some of my other poetry that's on that blog to if you want!) at www.art-is-expressions.blogspot.com. Thanks! :-)

In other quite surprising news my sister is (*gasp*) actually cooking!! It may just be packaged pudding mix and all that her cooking of said mix involves is stirring, and she does have help (from her bunny rabbit Kumagoro pictured below) but still... Emy's previous cooking adventures have often ended in charred food at the very least (once she set something on fire in the toaster oven... I've yet to let her forget about it! :-P), but this time things seem to be going well! As my mother says, we'll make a cook of her yet! Love ya Em :-)



  1. Wow, all your poems are really good! I'm going to continue reading them all later when I have more time to enjoy them! :)
    Off to dance I go..... -Stella

  2. Beautiful poetry! You know, I've been thinking about something that is really weird. I've never had a flesh-and-blood sister, but to me, my sister does exist, and every page of my diary is written to her. Her name is Emily. Always has been. She is my best friend, in a strange sort of way. Bizarre, hey?

  3. Thanks so much! :-)
    Wow, that's a rather funny coincidence that we both have sisters with the same name, even if it is spelled differently! :-) I'd say it's actually pretty cool, instead of being bizarre... Some people in my head seem almost real, I just don't write a diary at all, so have never written to or about them there!

    Ahrrg. This just made me think how cool it would be if we could meet in person, and you could meet my sis too. :-) I hope we'll be able to someday...

  4. I know...that frustration is rather frustrating! :)

    It IS pretty cool! I have pretty much convinced myself she is real, she just doesn't have a body. ;)