Monday, November 24, 2008

Slight changes...

Not much is going on really. I added links to my other blogs in the sidebar of this blog, and it took me far more effort than it should have. Being the silly that I am, I didn't realize I could add links by simply adding a 'Links List' gadget, so instead had Emy spend half an hour trying to figure out the XML using her limited knowledge of HTML that she hasn't used in years. I think she was ready to smack me when I discovered the links gadget. I also changed the template for my trash blog, to one I found on a blog template site recommended to me by Sheila , which is really cool. I'm also still really looking forward to using my new camera (see below post)!

Something I've been thinking a lot about lately is how people treat their pets, and how I specifically treat the animals I share my house with. And I'm not really happy with how I treat them. I'm trying to be more respectful, to keep my temper even when Winston (80 pound Airedale terrier) won't stop headbutting me in the back of the knees, or Flora (bouncy little Fox terrier) won't stop yapping. That's a hard thing to do. But I think I'm making headway! Winston especially is really stubborn, and when you yell at him, it doesn't always even work. It seems if I ask him nicely to do something, he actually does it a bit faster! And I've been trying to be more respectful with the cats too. Instead of randomly cuddling them without seeing if they want to be cuddled first, I've been sitting or lying next to them and just talking. If they want cuddles, they get up and move closer. I think we're both happier that way.

And now for a vegan update. I went vegan a couple of weeks ago, and at this point I'm finding it harder than expected. The big stuff isn't bad. It's not really hard to avoid straight milk, cheese, and eggs, but I never realized how many things have dairy or eggs in them!! Baked goods, candy, pasta sauces, other sauces, chips, crackers... And the list goes on! I ate a piece of toffee today that had butter in it, even though I knew it had butter in it, and now I'm feeling guilty that I'm not feeling guilty. Arrrg! I think that when this month is up, I'm going back to vegetarian. However, I am glad that I'm doing this. It's really made me think about what I eat in a new way, and I don't think I'm going to be consuming nearly as many animal products as I was. Milk on cereal is something I'm not doing anymore (hey, good soymilk tastes the same anyway), ice cream always makes me feel sick unless it's good stuff like Ben & Jerry's so I'm cutting that out (yes, even though it made me feel sick I'd still eat it sometimes), eggs dito, and olive oil tastes better than butter anyway. So all I'll really be going back to eating are all the things I'm currently avoiding that have just a tiny bit of dairy or eggs in them, or baked goods.

And now I'm off to make supper... I haven't really been cooking much, so I think I should tonight. I'm going to use the canned base of a roasted garlic and red pepper sauce, then add sauteed onions, black and green olives, and baked spinach and jalapeno tofu pieces. And I'll serve that over twirly pasta of some sort... I think I should find out if I'm cooking for just me or everyone now.


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