Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Snow, shovelling, and poetry...

It snowed yesterday and today, which means Emi and I got to shovel for the first time this Winter. Just lovely. It's only a couple of inches, just enough to cover the ground, and it's awful and slushy. Now it's raining.

In other news, I wrote another poem. It was in response to a poetry marathon thing, so the first line of my poem is from the poem above mine. I also posted it on my poetry blog.

Oh, and how about this new layout? After seeing Emi's blog, mine just seemed so boring... So I made it less boring! I love the colors, and I just feel like it has a very nice, cozy, wintery feel to it. :-)

I'll leave you with a couple of photo's of what it's like outside. Hope you have prettier weather!



  1. Your background looks a bit autumn-ish to me. Yet the redness is a little christmas-sie...

  2. *Grins* Yay, I'm showing my love of two seasons at once then! :-P

    It's still a bit Fall-ish here... Most of the snow has melted already!