Sunday, December 7, 2008

As the days grow colder

Today it's snowing. I was watching it snow earlier today, the small flakes drifting slowly down, in no apparent rush to reach the ground. Later, the wind picked up, and so did the speed of the flakes, swirling around in miniature flurries, seeming to create momentary ghosts that quickly scatter into thousands of individual shards...

I find it hard to believe, having grown up here, that some people in other parts of the world have never seen snow! Never walked on a frozen lake, or built snow forts... I know it's true, but Winter and snow have always been such a big part of my life that I'd truly miss them. Now here's another thing I don't understand; so called "snowbirds" who leave for warmer parts at the first whisper of snow. I would NEVER want to do that! I'll admit that by the time February rolls around I'm sick to death of brushing snow off the car every single time we want to go somewhere, sick of shoveling, sick of frostbit cheeks and wet pant legs simply from taking a walk. But still, all that is most definitely worth it for the beauty of a fresh, untouched snowfall. And catching snowflakes on your tongue. For the way that snowflakes glitter under a streetlight, and the way your voice is muffled by the blanket of snow. For having a huge snowball fight, then stumbling, still laughing, into the house to warm up by the wood stove, nursing a cup of hot chocolate... In case you hadn't noticed, I'm in a poetic mood, and loving the beautiful snow. I said I hadn't posted pictures for to long, so I'm now going to remedy that.

As the days grow colder...

...I experiment with black and white photography... Doesn't my blog look more interesting that way?

I experiment with sepia tone.

I eat peanut butter fudge.

We become pensive.

I watch the snow.

We pull out our fuzzy sweaters.

We happily move inside to escape from the cold outside.

We go to Emi's pipes and drums school Christmas party.

I continue to make lots of yummy stirfry's.

I read about paganism.

I continue to find cool names.
And the cats put in even more snuggle time.

May you all have beautiful cold weather days.



  1. Beautiful pictures. :)

    I know, I love snow. But here, we usually get snow about twice a winter. Once with a grand total of a couple centimeters, and one or two decent dumps of a couple feet. But I've never experience snow all year long. I've certainly done my share of shoveling (I shovel door to door when it snows), and have built plenty of snowmen and snow forts, but I admit, I've never walked on a frozen lake or been frustrated about snow by February. 90% of our 'snow' is rain. :) Yayyy the Wet Coast!

    But snow...oh snow! I love it. It makes me feel so cozy, so happy, so friendly. I will always remember romping in the dark with friends in the snow when I was younger, yelling and screaming and throwing it around, only to all land, panting under a street light, bundled up warm, snow under our bums, staring straight up and the big flakes illuminated by the light, and as our breathing became soft, the gentleness of the world around me settled, and all was quiet.

    Snow. Thank you!


  2. Thanks. :-) (I can't wait until I get my new camera at Christmas!)

    I can't imagine a Winter with only a tiny bit of snow! From mid-December to the end of February there's ALWAYS snow on the ground. Often it continues through mid-March as well!

    You write beautifully. :-) That's a perfect description of playing outside when you're young... That totally brings back memories. :-)

  3. I love black and white photography. To me, pictures taken black and white shows you the truth about things in a very beautiful and deep way.
    Have a beautiful winter!

  4. I rarely shoot in B&W, but I do love the stark beauty of it... I'm going to try and remember to more often.

    Thanks, you too! :-) I just looked at your profile out of curiosity, and it doesn't say where you're from. What's the Winter like wherever you are? :-P

  5. I'm from Malaysia...which is a tropical country. And that means here in Malaysia, we have rain and sun all year round. I think snow can only be found here at the top of Mount Kinabalu and Snow World in Genting Highlands..
    Hey....thanks for following me!
    I appreciate it a lot...
    I actually kinda like those cute tiny pictures in my blog.
    Rock On!

  6. Yay, snow! And you say you don't write very well, Idzie?! That was a lovely post ^__^

  7. *Goes to find Malaysia on the map*
    That's something that's seriously cool about the internet, being able to meet and read about people from all over the world!

    Your blog seems really cool! I know! Aren't those little pictures just wonderful to see?? :-)

    Aw, thanks Emi. :-)