Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Boxed In

I just realized that although I wrote it a while ago, I never put the piece Boxed In here on this blog, or at least not that I can find! I wrote it a few months ago for deviantART publication, and it's FAR from polished, since I never did get around to fixing it up... It was aimed mainly at the general population of dA, and also the anarchists who read my stuff on dA. Having just read it, I don't like it much anymore... But I already hit publish, so I don't want to get rid of it. Oh well.

Boxed In

So many people have their minds in a box.

Shut in and constricted by Ideas so ingrained that many people hardly notice that they're there. And any sign or mention of something that does not mesh with those ingrained Ideas, Ideas given by civilization, by a society that believes the experts know best and that Professionals and institutions will always do things better, is met by instant suspicion, distrust, and yes, even fear. Anything that questions the Ideas of society is dangerous, since it could bring down your entire worldview, it can make it so you just cannot live in the world the way it is without changing your life drastically. So things remain stagnant, remain controlled by those in power, by large corporations and governments, by police and laws and bosses. But most of all, by Ideas. For, without those crucial Ideas, things WOULD change. They have to. People tend to look at the world with despair. To look and think there's nothing they can do to change it, that they should just get on with their lives the best they can. But that's only looking at things within society's box. If you realize that all these Ideas, so much a part of you that they feel like part of your soul, are simply that, Ideas, and if people can see that they're wrong, society as we know it cannot survive. Without those pillars supporting the system, it would crumble. The world would be a freer place. So what do I ask? I ask of everyone I know, my family, friends, acquaintances, and most importantly, myself, to question. Question EVERYTHING. That politician talking big on TV, that jet fighter you see flying overhead, the garish Christmas decorations that clutter the malls... Try and think of what's behind it, think of WHY things are the way they are. Read, read and read some more. Read revolutionary and radical books, read banned books, read books that question the foundations of our perceived world. But also read books or watch media supporting, often unconsciously, our current system. Try and actually think about what they're saying. Does it make sense? Is it outright lies? Is it just parroted, rote knowledge, something so commonly known to be correct it's simply accepted as fact, when the basis of that is as corrupt as our entire civilization? Just think about it...

Some amazing books I'd suggest starting with are anything by John Taylor Gatto, Grace Llewellyn, or John Holt. These educational revolutionaries will make you re-think everything you ever thought you knew about schooling and education, because really, where else does the constriction of creativity, of free thought and revolutionary ideas, begin if not in the government controlled school system?

Another amazing author who writes about our civilization in general and all that's wrong with it is Derrick Jensen. I've loved everything I've read by him! With passion, conviction, and well thought out arguments, he's really made a difference in how I view the world.

If only all the world could see, because once you can see things for what they really are, there is no going back.

In other news, I changed my blog description, found directly under the blog title. The old one was too boring! :-P



  1. Wow.
    That's why we should watch 'Out Of The Box' on PlayHouse Disney...
    Just kidding..but I have to confess, I do love watching it sometimes...
    ROCK ON!