Monday, December 1, 2008

Interview on unschooling

A while back on one of my regular blog key word searches for unschooling (I love searching various things I'm interested in in blogs, and seeing what other people have to say about the subject), I came across a blog post on unschooling by a student teacher. As part of their class, each student is keeping a blog on various aspects of education, which I find quite fascinating in itself! This particular student's blog theme was educational and intellectual curiosity, and as such she'd written a post on unschooling, and was mildly critical of it. Now, that's kind of a pet peeve of mine, hearing negative things about unschooling since I've had to put up with so much in my life! I just had to comment. And she asked to do an interview, to give a better idea (both to her and her classmates) of what unschooling is like. So of course I agreed! Here is that interview, which I invite you to check out, especially if you have questions about unschooling!

Oh, and I've also added a couple more of my favorite blog posts to the sidebar.



  1. Wow..that was an interesting interview.
    Unschooling is so fun...

  2. I love Ultimate Frisbee! Although the last time I played was ages ago with the Ottawa-Carleton juvenile league when I was in the 5th grade. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be as much interest here in south Texas as there was in Ottawa. I'm assuming the laid-back spirit of the sport isn't exactly conducive to mom and dad's all too common dreams of making their son or daughter the next Peyton Manning, Michelle Kwan, Michael Jordan or... Wayne Gretzky? (c:) It's a legitimate sport in my opinion, and although it should be kept casual and local, it definitely deserves more attention. Anywho--

    Bytheway... (lame excuse for a segway, I know) thanks for your comment! Your writing is very thoughtful and intriguing, and I wanted you to know it's appreciated.

  3. I certainly think so Smorgan! :-)

    Yes! Ultimate truly is the greatest sport ever IMHO. :-P I'm not usually one for team spports, but Ultimate is just so darned much fun! Aw, it's a shame it isn't popular around you... It's been nearly a year since I played, sadly. I left Cadets, which I had played it through, and the only local teams are made up of mostly university aged players, and I've been too shy to join... :-S Isn't it awful when parents have silly expectations? And Ultimate Frisbee most definitely needs more attention. I mean, it even fosters good team spirit and all that jazz, being player refereed and all. :-P

    Thank you muchly! I love knowing that people enjoy what I write. :-)

  4. that's super interesting!
    I want to get interviewed by openminded people :(
    for me, people are normally like "you'll never get into college!", "OMG how are you smart!?" & "what? do you like, go to school sometimes?"

  5. W00t! Go Idzie! That is totally awesome!!! :-D

  6. :-)
    I was rather exited when I was asked! I figure it certainly can't be a bad thing if future teachers understand unschooling better...

  7. Hiya,

    I left a comment on the interview post. Personally, I find it sad that poeople coming out of educational diploma mills in recent years are so ignorant of the roots and branches of educational philosophy. I got a teaching degree in 1970 and while I was in school we read, Adler, Neill, Piaget, Holt, etc. The people pursuing education majors nowadays don't even know who those people are.