Saturday, December 20, 2008

A perfectly lovely day

Today was, and continues to be, marvelous.

I stayed up until a bit past 4:00 am last night (morning), so didn't wake up until about 12:30. When I got up at 1:00, my parents were heading out the door to go downtown and pick up a large order of handmade soaps and similar items, which have been popular gift items for the last few years with our family. I decided to come along, so brushed my teeth and got dressed at super speed, grabbed a car mug of tea, then off we went! It was beautiful weather today. Bright, crisp, and cold. We had a bit of trouble finding the place, since in the past we've bought either from a table at a bazaar or through the internet, but we finally found the Mooka storefront after a bit of time spent getting lost and a little extra searching! It was wonderful in there. Simple, and virtually undecorated (it's only recently the owner got her own space) the walls were lined with all of the wonderful shea butter soaps, bath bombs, body butters, lip balms, and perfume oils. When I spotted the perfume oils, I oohed and promptly proceded to smell them all. I should explain at this point that both my mother and sister are allergic to all synthetic scents, as well as some natural ones, so I've never worn perfume. It's only in the last few years that I've started to use even naturally scented things (soap, shampoo, handcream). Mooka has mostly naturally scented stuff, so my mom can use a few of the soaps, and the ones that are too scented for her to use, we give as gifts. So anyway, after finding a favorite perfume oil of Cotton Blossom & Aloe, my mom very sweetly (no pun intended) offered to buy me a sample and see if she could tolerate it. She can! I've been wearing it since I got home, and although she had me wash it off at first, the slightly fainter smell that's left behind (it doesn't wash off well) doesn't bother her at all, which is great! Emi says it smells weird (she's even pickier about scents than my mom), but it doesn't give her a headache so all good! The lady who runs the company is quite nice, and we love the amazing customer service as well as the products! After we left there, with some free samples of the mango body butter in my purse, which I also love, we stopped at the bulk food store. I love the smell of that place! It smells of spices and coffee and tea and other yummy stuff, and we left with lots of gourmet hot chocolate mix, teas, and chocolate. Yummy. There was also much joking around. The elderly lady behind us in line seemed to find the three of us quite precious!

When we got home, my mother and I went through the now yearly ritual of taking out all the lip balms and soaps, smelling them, and starting to decide which ones go to which relatives. I want the avocado & aloe and the patchouli & hemp ones, and I'm going to try hard to convince my mom she won't be allergic to them!

On the way home I volunteered to cook supper, so I did. I used a bottle of sun dried tomato sauce as a base, then added a ton of onions, black and green olives, and capers, and served that over fettuchini. It was good, and there were no complaints! During supper I made a deal with my mom that if she washes my dishes each day, I'll cook supper each night. It seems like a rather daunting task to me, but I HATE washing dishes, and we can always trade back.

Things did get tense at a few points once we got home, but I managed to cheer everyone up with my infectiously exuberant happiness. :-P I discovered that I can do a happiness transfer with both my mother and sister, although it's not really a transfer since I actually gain happiness from cheering them up!

I feel in a really Christmasey mood. I smiled at people in the street, and now I've been bouncing around ever since I got home. Emi thinks I got high from the perfume, but I disagree. My family always finds it funny that many people who don't know me well think that I'm quiet and serious, since nothing could be further from the truth! I get in completely crazy hyper moods and seriously act like I've been abusing illegal substances, and I'm just a generally bouncy and random person. Thing is, I'm only like that around people I know well, so most people are still in the dark about the real me... :-P

Oh! And I've always wondered what a Mo is. You always see clothing that's made out of Mohair, but I've never seen a Mo before!! Finally, my mom looked it up and apparently a Mo is also called an Angora Goat. It is so freaking cute!!

I'm going to get a pet Mo someday. And call him Mo. Then I can honestly say the cool things I make out of his hair are made out of Mo's hair!! That would be totally awesome.

So anyway, I think I'll head off to continue bouncing around pointlessly and falling over laughing when I do stupid yet amazingly fun things now. Nick just came over, so I should probably socialize as well.

May you all be full of holiday cheer, or just plain cheer if you're not currently celebrating any holidays! :-P

Peace, and with much hyper happy silliness,


  1. Sounds like an awesome day! I'm exactly like that too- everyone thinks I'm super serious and untalkative, but around people I know well I am SUPER SILLY!!!! Mo sort of reminds me of your dogs :)

  2. What a great day you had . I always like peeking in and seeing what you are up to. I am glad that I found your blog via Stella's.

  3. I bet a LOT of seemingly quiet people are secretly crazy... ;-P LMAO it's true, Mo would totally fit in with our curly terriers!

    Thank you so much! I love it when people read whatever random stuff I happen to be writing about. It makes me feel like I'm not just talking to myself! :-P

  4. This is a day late comment, but that doesn't matter in the blogging world =P
    sounds like you had a spectacular day! the kind of day that would only happen in a really good dream...
    your right when you say quiet, serious people have another personality that they only show to people who are close to them. Because, like you, I'm also one of them. I guess people could say we have Jekyll and Hyde personalities, but you know, without the evil part.

  5. Hey!!! Just dropped in to say Hi!!!!
    Cute Mo!


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  7. Ohhh the mohair guy is SO ADORABLE! :D