Friday, December 12, 2008


So, I don't even know if I've mentioned it previously on this blog, although I've certainly thought a lot about it, but about a month ago I bought tickets to a show by one of my ABSOLUTE favorite bands, and that is, of course, Rise Against. Well, last night was the concert. And it was great. I love that band soooo much. Their message, the fact that they're all vegetarians, and most importantly (of course) their music. The passion, enthusiasm, and energy I get from it is just amazing. I was really excited seeing them live, with my sister and our friends Nick and Tim, and of course we watched from the floor (this is only the second concert I've been too, and I was on the floor for both. I can't help but think you'd miss out by sitting in the stands). Traffic was AWFUL getting there, so we missed the first opening band, but the second opening act, Thursday, wasn't bad. I didn't really like the singers voice, but the music was cool. Rise Against supports PETA (I don't like PETA but I figure the band has good intentions by supporting them) so during the break before RA came on, Nick and I wandered over to their table, signed a petition requesting all meat be labeled with it's environmental impact, and got these awesome Meat's Not Green buttons. I was so shocked when Nick said he wanted to go vegetarian, his parents just won't let him! When I think of what he was like when I first met him, I can see his opinions have changed so much! We've certainly dragged him away from the mainstream (MWUAHAHA). Anyway, when Rise Against finally came on, the crowd went wild! And I was thrilled that they opened with one of my favorite songs, Drones, and played nearly all of my favorites by them. The only complaints I have, and the first one is pretty major, is that the volume ratio between voice and instruments was off. I could hardly hear his voice at times! Another thing that wasn't so great was getting shoved by a couple dozen people as they pushed through the crowd (can't you just find a spot and stick with it, dammit!) and getting stuck with an extremely drunk guy beside me, who bashed into me multiple times. Luckily, Nick was kind and took that spot, then the guy went away, most likely to find more beer. But back on topic, I'm really glad I went. Crowd enthusiasm was great. At one point Tim (lead singer) had everyone chant RISE while pumping their fists in the air (I don't remember if it was Nick or Emi who called it a communist moment, but both agreed it was really cool :-P), when the crowd was urged to sing certain bits themselves, everyone sung loud and clear, and for Hero of War, a very sad folksy anti-war song, the whole crown sung along to the entire song. It was beautiful. As always seems to happen with things, it was over too soon. When we were talking about it afterward, I was saying to Emi how the crowd seemed more enthusiastic here then for the Linkin Park concert we went to last year, and she disagreed. We finally realized that the difference was that for Linkin Park, the crowd liked the music. They got exited for certain songs, but weren't great for crowd participation. Whereas for Rise Against, the crowd loved THEM as a band, and loved their very political message.

We were supposed to get picked up by my mom at 11:00, but the concert ended a bit before 10:30, so we called to let her know then wandered off to find a warm place that served food. Sadly, the concert was at a university building, surrounded by other university building, and lots of residential streets beyond that, so finding anywhere to go took lots of walking (in what felt like at least -15c, with lots of ice on the sidewalks, and snow). We discovered that Subway closes early, much to our unhappiness, and the only open coffee shop we saw was packed. We finally bought some food from a grocery store and then headed back to the coffee shop, which had thankfully become less crowded. I should mention why my mom hadn't arrived at this point, and the reason she hadn't was traffic. How can there be awful traffic at past 11:00 at night? She finally arrived at a bit past 11:30, with hot chocolate and chai waiting in the car (I love my mom!), which made our cold selves happy. I was saying later on to Emi how awful it must be to be homeless. Spending an hour outside in the Winter, finding anyplace warm we can to stay, getting suspicious look when we try and hang out in the warm grocery store... Can you imagine knowing that no one was coming to get you?? O_o Emi and I both agreed it made us want to donate large amounts of money to homeless shelters.

I think I've rambled on enough now. Since no camera's were allowed at the concert, I'll leave you with these photo's taken off of Rise Against's website.



  1. I love your blog, too. And yay for vegetarians!!!!

  2. Thanks so much! :-) And definitely yay vegetarians! *High fives* :-D