Saturday, December 6, 2008

Several things of note...

The poll that has been open for what feels like forever has now ended! The results are as follows:

11 (33%)
5 (15%)
Small amount of meat
8 (24%)
Meat lover
9 (27%)

Erm, actually, I voted twice by accident (I figured it was OK to vote once, because really, I proofread my blog so that counts as being a reader of this blog, right?). It glitched and said I hadn't voted but after I voted again I was like 'wait a minute...?' Anyway, moving on.

In blogger buzz they talked about the iLike gadget, and since I already have it on Facebook and like it, I decided I'd add a playlist to my blog as well! So you can now listen to clips of my favorite songs if you so wish. :-)

Something else I should probably make my readers aware of is that I'm no longer vegan. I had a war with myself, trying to decide if I should wait out the entire month as I'd originally planned, or go back to being vegetarian after only two weeks since I'd decided I didn't want to stay vegan. Finally, the lure of cheese made up my mind! So I'm now back to being vegetarian, but I'm no longer drinking straight milk (even after adding a tiny bit of milk to my water and hot chocolate powder I felt sick), and no longer eating eggs. I am eating baked goods tht contain milk and/or eggs, and I'm also (as I may have mentioned earlier) eating CHEESE! I love cheese. :-)

I'm now off to a friends house. I don't think I've posted pictures in a while, so I'll try and get that done soon...