Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Very first attempt at vlogging

I've wanted to try vlogging for a while... It seems like a cool idea, and something that would be fun to do! So today, I posted my first video. :-) It kinda sucks, especially since I don't have video editing software that accepts the format my camera records in, but hey, it's my first one!

Oh, and I got a new haircut!

Comments (or suggestions), as always, are appreciated! :-)



  1. Vlogging... an unusual but neat idea ;)
    I enjoyed your first vlog and thought you did a pretty good job on it.
    Do you mind telling me more info on this Unschoolers Winter Water Park Gathering? I told my mum about it and she seems just as interested and as curios about it as me.
    your hair cut is very cute, by the way =D

  2. Thanks. :-)

    Here's the link to their site:


    This will be our first year going (it's not finalized yet, but we really hope to go!). Registration closes on January 2, so if you're interested you should find out as much info as you can as fast as you can! They also have a Yahoo group for it, and that link is on their site. Hope that helps!

  3. That's like really not bad at all.. Very random..
    Except that I can't really hear what you're saying sometimes... Well, people tend to actually do that when they are thinking out loud or making a video and all....

    When you took like a few seconds to think, it was sorta serious and funny....

    Nice hair cut anyways...short hair makes people look younger..BUT NOT IMMATURE..

    Maybe I should vlog...haha...

    ROCK ON!!!

  4. Haha, OK. I'll remember not to mumble next time... And I'll also keep in mind that my cameras mic isn't great... :-P

    Thanks :-)

    You should try vlogging! That would be cool. ;-P

  5. great vlog! I like to see ones that aren't 'professional', because it makes you appear to be the human that you are! Vlogs are so much personal, especially if you aren't just reading off word for word what you could have just as easily blogged about!

    Wish we could meet up with you at the Water Park conference, but we're saving our money for the Northeastern Unschoolers Conference and the Unschooling Cruise! Have extra fun for us if you do make it to Ohio and feel free to drive through Pittsburgh, PA on your way back up to Canada!

  6. Happy New Year Idzie!!!
    Come to think of it I have another memory that I should remember...
    I had fun reading all your posts and looking at all the pictures you had taken...
    I'll still continue that...

    ROCK ON!!!

  7. Awesome Idzie! Thanks!!! Lovely smile you have there. :)

  8. I love vlogging. Love it.

    You're too damn cute! seriously, I want you to keep on with vlogging :)

  9. Thanks so much everyone! You're all sweet. :-) And your comments make me happy! :-D