Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm mostly packed, but not entirely. We only have half the food packed. I keep thinking of a million things I have to do. And I'm FREAKING OUT!! That said, we're taking the over ten hour drive in two days, so the actual day of departure (tomorrow.) won't be quite as tiring. But that still doesn't solve the issue of nothing being packed. AHHHGH. Okay, I've finished freaking out now. Or at least I'm not going to freak out on screen anymore. :-P

I'll make sure to take pictures, I'll try and remember to take LOTS of pictures, and I will have a long post on the trip once I get back and settled in.

"See" you in a bit over a week!



  1. LOTS of pictures, please! Good luck with packing, I know how that is!!!

  2. yes, lots of pictures please! I already can't wait for them...!
    Have fun ; )

  3. I just found your Blog and am enjoying reading through it. I'm a mom of 3 unschooled kids, ages 4,8, and 11. I love your honest writing. Thanks.