Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Police. Why oh why do they dislike youth...

So, I don't usually like writing two posts in one day, and I try not too. But while this is still fresh in my mind, I figured I'd post about it. Now, knowing my opinions and all, it probably doesn't surprise you to know that I'm not a huge fan of the police force. And cops have never seemed very big fans of youth. A friend of mine was told not to wear his earphones while walking along the side of the road by a cop. Suspicious looks from every man in uniform are directed at anyone who wears a hoodie and is under 30. And there just generally seems to be a feeling of tension whenever cops and kids are in the same vicinity. But back to the incident that led me to write this post. My sister, three friends, and I were walking to one of our friends houses, when a pretty average car pulled over and said something or other along the lines of 'hey'. Now, I should make it clear that it's not all that uncommon for a car/scooter full of drunk and/or high people to pull over and ask either idiotic questions, or directions to the nearest party, so we usually just ignore them. It's also not uncommon for cars full of extremely high people to whiz past at ridiculous speeds, swerve towards people to scare them (yes, that has seriously happened, and more than once), or honk their horn when right behind people to also scare them. So, we don't like random cars, and ignore them if we can. But for this particular case, we were a bit past the car when the driver yelled "Police!" and switched on the lights so we'd know it was a cop car. So we stopped. "Where are you going?" inquired the driver. I was thinking "None of your business", but luckily didn't say that. Instead, my friend cheerfully informed the cop that we were going to his house. "Are you going to a party?" he further inquired. "Umm, no" was the rather bemused response. I can never get over the stupidity of police. If we were going to a party, would we really tell them? After assuring themselves that we were not going to a party, they drove away. But I remained pissed. I wasn't even sure they were really police at first, as I was furthest from the car and ignoring them at first, thinking they were drunk idiots and all. But the guys assured me they were actually wearing uniforms, so really were what they said they were. Wow. People go on about how free we are, yet men with guns can pull over and ask us where we're going, and we answer for fear of being arrested on some made up charge, as others who are completely innocent have been. That really bothers me. And proves quite clearly to me that we are far from free. *Sighs* And I suppose you could say that they're trying to stop those speeding idiots I mentioned above, but I doubt stopping pedestrians is going to help that. There have never been police around for any of the actually bad stuff that goes on, yet they're right there to intimidate the innocents when we aren't doing anything even remotely "wrong". *Grumbles* But I'll end this, once again, political post before I can rant any more.



  1. Gah! I totally agree! And blogger's being weird...I tried to post a comment early on your other post, and on this one, and it didn't work. Here we go again...


  2. Crazy. Not too long ago, our family was traveling down the interstate.. going on vacation.. when a COP stopped us. I was totally freaking, having never been pulled over before.. I asked hubby if he had been speeding.. NO! In my head, I thought.. yeah, right. So, the cop comes up and says this.... THE STUPIDEST REASON TO GET PULLED OVER EVER... "Um, do you know the laws in this state?" "We hope so.." "Well, then you know that the left lane is for fast moving traffic." Hubby says: " I was going the speed limit, isn't that fast?" Cop: "No. You should travel at 5-10 over the speed limit in the fast lane to avoid starting road rage among other drivers." We were shocked.... And looked around.. to see a whole two other cars on the road. Road rage? On an early morning weekend day with two or three other cars on the road? Whatever.

  3. aw man, that's crazy. And here I thought Canada would be better!... ugh I think my kids would have been in such shock.. not to mention they would have probably mouthed off.. eek, or not. They are pretty dang wise. I suppose my daughter who has a blog would have blogged about it like you did ;)

  4. Sheila: Ack! It's sooo annoying when blogger acts up... It's done the same to me. :-S

    New Unschooler: Thanks for checking out my blog! :-D Wow. That IS the dumbest reason ever to get pulled over. Stupidity like that never ceases to amaze me.

    Kelli: Thanks for commenting! :-) Canada is better for some things, or at least Montreal is (we have a crazy low violent crime rate considering the size of our city, for one), but no matter where you go, it seems cops will be cops. :-S *Grins* as soon as they drove away, my friends and I came up with tons of snarky things we should have said, but were too wise too. :-P

  5. Found your blog. LOVE your blog :)
    I'm an unschooling mom...so I'm psyched to read about your journey!!