Friday, January 9, 2009

Some random things I happen to be thinking about today...

  1. The Unschooling Winter Water Park Gathering in Ohio, which we are now going to in absolute certainty! The reservations have been made, and now we're busy discussing the logistics of it all...
  2. The lovely new guitar my mother got today. The one she got for Christmas turned out to be too big for her, so she now has a beautiful little parlor guitar, that as a bonus is made in Quebec, instead.
  3. The sci-fi book I've been reading, entitled Anathem, that's far more science-y then the novels I normally read, but still a very good book.
  4. The fact that I can no longer watch or read anything without a little vioce in my head pointing out all of the things it supports or pressumes that are completely against my beliefs. Luckily that vioce isn't loud enough to actually ruin my enjoyment of whatever it is I happen to be doing...
  5. The fact that I know several people with relatives in the hospital and in really bad shape... I've been holding them in my heart, and hoping for all the best.
  6. The fact that EVERY single photo I've posted on my 365 photo blog is a close-up shot. Every one.
  7. My dad's sweet harmonica playing.
  8. That I should finally get around to actually learning at least one of the instruments that I want to learn
  9. How encouraging it is to stumble across cool unschooling blogs, especially when the people writing them are just setting out on their unschooling adventures! It positively delights me that a whole new generation is growing up unschooled. :-)
  10. The really exciting/scary unschooling editor job I may be taking on at the homeschooling magazine I write for... More on that possible project coming soon!
  11. How wonderful it is that I've found so many awesome online friends. *Waves at awesome people!*
  12. How much I love music.
  13. How much I hate advertising, propaganda, and traditional education, especially when all three are combined.
  14. How beautiful, and strange, eyes are close-up.
  15. How beautiful songs, and voices, and light, and sparkles, and eyes, and emotions, and sweet looks are.


  1. Do you play guitars???
    It's awesome!

  2. The eyes are the window to the soul, right? And souls are most definitely strange and beautiful.

  3. *waves back* :-P Awesome stuff.


  4. very cool random things... ;P becoming an editor of a magazine? wow... that is really impressive!
    have fun at the Unschooling Winter Water Park Gathering... sadly, we're not gonna be going because it falls on the week of my birthday... but oh well.
    *waves back excitedly* yay for awesome online friends! =D