Sunday, February 15, 2009

I can't decide what to write about... Pick one please?

Now, I'm having trouble deciding what to write about... There are basically three things that have been on my mind lately, and that I've considered posting about.

1. Boxes. How our culture likes to put everyone in numerous different categorical boxes, from age, to education, job, style, political views... No one is safe from boxes! And the worst thing I find personally, is that I find myself putting people, and myself, in boxes all the time, even though I don't want to!

2. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) rights. Although I'm heterosexual (I have been attracted to members of my gender occasionally, as I think most people, "straight" or not, are, but since I'm definitely far more attracted to guys, and don't plan on ever doing anything with a girl, I identify as hetero), I have many friends and even more acquaintances who are in the LGBT spectrum. I've never been homophobic in the least, but ever since several friends came out, gay rights have meant a lot to me.

3. Depression and self injury. I'm almost not sure that I "should" be writing about this, since although I've dealt with some depression in the past (not clinical depression, simply spending days on end in my room feeling extremely hopeless, useless, and depressed), I've never cut (or burned, or anything else). However, many of my friends have at one point or another. I've also done actual, search for stats and read mental health websites, research into self injury, since I very much wanted to be supportive to those who were dealing with it, and wanted to understand why.

Since I can't decide what to write about, I'm going to let someone else decide for me. I plan to write about all three of these things at some point or other, but for now, I'd ask that the first person who reads this (really, whoever you are) please pick one! My family isn't available at the moment, so I need an internet person to do it for me. :-P

Thanks a bunch!



  1. HOLY GUACAMOLE, I'm the first person!!!! If you are going to write all three at some point or another, I would be most interested in hearing #1 first. #2 Also sounds really good, but I've heard enough about #3 to last me a lifetime. It just brings back horrible memories of almost losing the people I love most. I'm not saying I wouldn't read it, because I would, but right now it is the least appealing to me.

  2. Crapdoodles (I can't believe I just wrote that :-P). Someone just suggested #3 through a personal message, instead of in comments... Hmmm... *Tries to figure out if I can manage to write both* I definitely don't want to bring back bad memories, and I would not be insulted IN THE LEAST if you decided not to read that post...

  3. Boxes please :) love your blog!


  4. Thanks Sam! :-) I'm having trouble with the self injury post anyway, so I'll let it sit around in my mind for a while before writing it, and go with boxes for now!