Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unschooling books, my newest vlog post


  1. Really great! I enjoyed the entire vlog! This is the first one I have seen, so I am not sure what you have already done, but I would love if you did one I could show to my kids (7 and 8) telling them something interesting about unschooling. Maybe some suggestions for them about what they might like to do sometime? We don't know many (any) unschoolers, so this would be a way for them to connect with another unschooler!

    Loved it, thanks!

  2. Great vlog! Actually don't have a bunch of those, should do some library-shopping. :-)

    I think I'm off to make my own vlog. :-D


  3. Okay, #1, I love your new blog backround! It's so pretty and purple and awesome! :D

    #2. I only got halfway thru the vlog but I have to get off now because my computer battery is about to die! But I will watch the rest later!

  4. Really cool stuff!

    Suggestions & Comments:

    1) You could talk about issues in society that you learn about in your unschooling process that you don't learn in mainstream public schools. For instance, environmental issues, ecofeminism, healing arts, natural health, ect.
    2) You could talk about how "schooled" people react and how they relate to you as the "unschooled" one.

    Thats all for now!


  5. Andrea: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-) Hmmm... Right now my 'something interesting' usually involves reading non-fiction, them having hour long in depth discussions on it, which wouldn't exactly be interesting to active young boys... :-P However, on casting my mind back to when I was their age, I could tell about some interesting things I liked to do then...

    Sheila: Yay for vlogs! Looking forward to seeing yours. :-D

    Stella: Thanks! When I saw this background, I just loved it. Especially considering my favorite color is purple. :-D

    Ojibway Migisi Bineshii: Those are wonderful suggestions! Thanks, and you'll probably see my answers to those in my next vlog. :-)

  6. I love this background your picked! purple is an amazing color!!
    and thanks for the list of unschooling books. =) my mum happened to be in the same room as me when I was watching your vlog, so she listened on as well. She really wants to read some of the books your suggested, especially the John Holt one and the Teenage Liberation Handbook lolz... anyways, thanks again and I have one question:
    After an unschooler finishes their schooling years, where do they go on from there?

  7. Great vlog Idzie! Glad I was finally able to watch it. I might have some questions for you in the future.