Friday, February 27, 2009

Unschooling group and gifts

Last night, my sister, mother, and I attended an unschooling meeting. It was advertised as an unschooling meeting, but really what the woman who's organizing it wants is to start a democratic "school". The building she's renting is GORGEOUS! The main floor is one large open room (with bathrooms and an office coming off of it), with a large open upstairs room (with a curtain drawn across one end of the room to create a meditation area) as well as a dugout basement (the building itself used to be a house, and must be about 100 years old). A few years ago it was renovated, and now the floors, walls, and ceilings are all a beautiful honey coloured wood. If you haven't guessed, I love this place! Marilyn (the woman who's starting this thing) is interested in this place mainly being used by teens, both unschooled, homeschooled, high school rise outs, and teens who are currently in school, but interested in doing more or finding out more about unschooling. The "school" will be run entirely be the teens, with all decisions (finance, projects, workshops, classes, which adults/parents are invited to work with the teens and kids...) based on consensus decision making. Although it's basically starting with high school aged kids in mind, the plan is be welcoming of both younger children and cegep (college) aged people. Pretty cool, eh? The space will also be used for unschooling parent support groups, activities and play groups for the younger ones, and possibly as a space for teens to run businesses out of. Last night only a small group showed up, and Emi and I were the only teens, but there's going to be a meeting just for the teens interested in running this place soon. This whole project is very exciting!

In other interesting news, a Facebook gift exchange was started. You post a note offering to make a unique gift for the first 5 people who respond, then send it to them by mail. If you respond to a note asking for a gift, you must re-post the note and send gifts to 5 people who respond to your note! This thing is spreading like wild fire. I've been tagged a billion times, and even my mom got tagged by a couple people now! Really cool. :-) So now I'll be receiving 4 gifts in the mail, and I need to make and send 5 gifts. Actually, 9 gifts, because several people commented that they were sad they missed it, and I don't want them to be sad! So I'm making a bunch of stuff, it seems. :-P

I'm thinking about the things you guys asked me to talk about in future vlogs (thank guys!) and I'll try and record a new vlog post soon. :-)



  1. 1. WHOA, that sounds so awesome! Can I join even though I live in a differint country? Hehe, kidding! I wish, though.... You better keep us posted about how it all comes along!

    2. Oh, I so wish I could friend you on facebook! My parentels would have a cow.

    3. I like lists :)

  2. I've gotten tagged with that lately too, but I just don't have the time to make things, or the money to buy/send things right now. Ah well. :-)