Friday, April 24, 2009

Bright Spring days, and long Summer nights...

Today was the first day that I could wear Summer cloths outside and still be comfortable. It was wonderful, bright, sunny, warm... I sat on the front steps, soaking up the sun, then walked down to the park and swung. I love swinging. It's one of the things I miss most in the Winter time, swinging. Then I took a walk with friends. Not long after I got home, the sun set. I watched it's light fade with sadness... But now, I'm glad it's night time, although the temperature is considerably colder now. And I'm feeling a deep longing in my heart for Summer nights. Sitting around with a bunch of friends at past eleven at night, talking and laughing. Truth or Dare games in the dark, that quiet down with loud hushing and smothered giggles as soon as a parent comes near... Walking around the streets at past midnight, walking through pools of light cast off by streetlamps, talking about deep, profound things... Lying around in people piles on the lawn, staring at the stars... Sitting on top of the car in the middle of the night listening to the wind, and feelings the spirits pass through the trees... I can't put into words how much I love Summer nights. And I know they're coming soon. Spring awakens such joy in me, such love for life. I love seeing all the new life, feeling it all. And I love that Summer comes next, with long, hot days spent in the sunlight or the shade, watching the sun set from the front steps, which give off stored heat from the day long after the sun is gone, followed by long nights, friends, laughter, stars... The house still smells of outdoors now, even though the windows have been closed against colder temperatures. I love Spring. I love Summer. I love life. And I just felt a need to put some of my joy into words, or at least attempt to. I hope everyone else is loving Springtime as much as I am, and I can't help but wish that those wonderful Summer nights are coming very soon!



  1. You have, once again, put my feelings in words!

    I love life!!!

  2. I was just thinking along these very same lines before I came to read your blog this morning!