Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life is good

Life really feels good today.

I actually feel like I have a social life now (*gasp* ;-)), which feels rather odd. :-P I've been talking to friends every day, hanging out with more people... I'm an introvert who has a phobia of trying new things, and is a bit of a homebody, so in the past I've made myself a bit of a hermit at times. Not now! Maybe Spring has something to do with it... Either way, this makes me very happy. :-) Now I just need to actually meet/see my friends who happen to live far away!

It's bright and sunny, still cold, but purple crocuses are blooming on the lawn. Robin's peck around for worms, and the grass is starting to grow. Spring is here in full force! While Ty was here, my focus moved away from more political things, and afterwards for a bit, things stayed that way. But I finally started reading Ishmael, and once again I feel impassioned by my political beliefs. Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, could best be described as a critique of civilization, told in the form of a gorilla teaching a man to see what those of us in this society so rarely do. I love how Quinn looks at things from such a different angle than Jensen does, yet has just as wonderful insights and thought provoking things to say. There are a multitude of great quotes in Ishmael, one of which is this:

"The people of your culture cling with fanatical tenacity to the specialness of man. They want desperately to perceive a vast gulf between man and the rest of creation. This mythology of human superiority justifies their doing whatever they please with the world, just the way Hitler’s mythology of Aryan superiority justified his doing whatever he pleased with Europe. But in the end this mythology is not deeply satisfying. The Takers are a profoundly lonely people. The world for them is enemy territory, and they live in it like an army of occupation, alienated and isolated by their extraordinary specialness.”

I highly reccommend this book! Also, a while ago I started talking online to an anti-civilizationist who lived in Montreal, and finally arranged to meet him and his friend, who is also a green anarchist, along with my sister (who, although she doesn't call herself one, also holds the beliefs of a green anarchist) yesterday. We had a lovely afternoon just sitting in the sun and talking, and some of the conversations continue to be turned around in my head... For instance, although I follow some feminist blogs and such, I haven't really looked into feminism, or thought about it much at all, which seems strange considering that I'm a woman with very strong views. But one of the people I met yesterday is a feminsit, and what she had to say really got me thinking... I think I'll have to write a post about gender roles in our society very soon, since tht's something I find very interesting...

Also, in reading, and talking to people, and living, it seems to me that we, as a culture, are really on the cusp of something. More and more people are realizing just how serious our situation as a species is, and more and more people are realizing that changing a few things will come no where near solving the entire problem. Far more drastic changes must happen. And so the green anarchist movement grows... I don't know what's in the future, but every time I find someone else who sees the reality of our situatuation, I feel energized, hopeful, and more willing and able to take on whatever the future may bring.

It's Spring. A time of birth, of beginnings. May this Springtime herald wonderful things, meaningful change, love, happiness. I love Spring.



  1. You always hit the nail on the head. Very well said! Happy Spring!!!

  2. I just finished reading Ishmael myself not so long ago and follow along with vehemently recommending it to EVERYONE!

  3. Great post, and I am so glad to feel your happiness! What a change a few weeks can make. I was looking at Ishmael and thinking about reading it, but it is not my time right now. So many books to read, so few hours in my day!!
    Again, glad you sound so much happier!

  4. Oh good, winter is coming, time for reading thanks for book recom. Sounds like an important book to read.