Thursday, April 2, 2009

Polls, conferences, and cleaning

As you may have noticed, the poll on the sidebar has now ended! The question was 'What would you consider your political leanings?' (actually, it was 'Would would you consider your political leanings?', but I'm pretty sure people got what I meant. ;-)). Here are the results, after 48 votes!

13 (27%)
0 (0%)
14 (29%)
11 (22%)
Something totally different
10 (20%)

Why am I not surprised that no one on the right end of the political spectrum reads my blog? I now have a new poll up, which is on the sidebar, same as before. :-)

In rather exciting (to me) news, I happened to stumble across the Rethinking Education unschooling conference, and I absolutely freaked out. It looks AMAZING! All unschooling conferences have a bit of a hippie vibe, but this conference takes the hippie/radical-ness even further. The keynote speaker is Daniel Quinn, one of the best known anti-civilizationists out there, and author of Ishmael. There are TONS of workshops and talks to go to, on such wonderfully interesting subjects as: raising your kids using hunter-gatherer parenting knowledge, natural healing and taking care of yourself and family, entrepreneurship and not working for other people, radical honesty... The list of stuff I'd love to go to is very very long! Plus, it seems very much geared towards teens AND young adults, something I've yet to see in any of the conferences I've looked into! Only problem? The Rethinking Education conference is in Texas. Yeah, it's a bit far away... But I'd still love to go. So we're going to see if we can maybe, just possibly, swing it...

So, I now need to go clean. Because my friend from Boston is coming tomorrow, and the house is a mess. And my mom has been threatening to tell him he can't come. Which would be horribly mean. So I am off to clean! Oh, what fun.



  1. Fantastic! I wish I could go too! I don't know how to answer the poll though. I'm an almost 'graduated'/grown-up homeschooler/unschooler weird mix-i-ness. :-D


  2. Where is the conference going to be held? and have you been getting my other comments? im not sure.. I wrote two comments before...

  3. Sheila: I wish you could go too! Haha, don't worry about it. I was just generally curious about what group of people find my blog interesting, and I figured I'd do a poll on that...
    Niko: In Texas. I'm sorry I didn't respond! I've been horrible at responding to comments lately...

  4. I am very socially conservative and very pro-unschooling, and I on-and-off read your blog. Does that count as "the right" to you? I have always considered myself politically "other," and have been registered nonpartisan (U.S.) ever since I could vote.

    I almost dropped out of high school when I read the Teenage Liberation Handbook my junior year. Instead, I deliberately tried to fail a few classes to prove that, as long as you showed up and "kept busy," it couldn't be done. I passed every class.

    I see the "political spectrum" model as an oversimplification of political realities, and therefore an inaccurate way to describe one's politics. For example, where would anarchism fit in? Left? Right? Center? As a big hammer breaking the spectrum into pieces? I noticed you conspicuously included it in your own poll, though.

    I didn't notice or take that poll when you had it up, though. I'm sure I would have checked the "something totally different" box.