Thursday, April 9, 2009

Visiting with friends!

It's been a whole week since I last blogged! How horrible! ;-) But seriously, the reason I haven't blogged this past week is that I had a guest. Ty, my wonderful friend (and now boyfriend) came to visit! The first night, Nick joined my sister, Ty, and I and we all walked to the water...

Even though it was grey, it was still beautiful.

Nick, just watching the water...

I just love this photo of Emi.
Nick found some of the first buds of the season!

Ty took pictures. Nick poked moss.

Ty took pictures of his reflection in a ditch. Nick... Stared at the sky in fascination?

My lovely sister ♥

Curls! Ty has gorgeous curls. ♥

Nick and Ty played chicken
When Nick stayed for supper, he decided to turn his falafel into a smiley face. I just love Nick. :-P

I must say I'm rather envious of Ty's Nikon D80...

Trev was happy to oblige when Ty asked him to braid his hair...

And I was happy to help!

A hair braiding train... :-P

I liked the braids :-)

That is one cool belt. And one cool PURPLE hoodie. Sorry, I just felt a need to emphasize the fact that the hoodie is purple. :-P

Close up braid shot. Trev and I greatly enjoyed braiding in beads. :-P

Cutest. Pic. Ever!

Trev and Ty watching a funny video on my computer...

The last day he was here, Ty, who's apprenticing with a magician, did a few card tricks for us. He's good! I must watch him do more card tricks and figure out how they're done... ;-)

The time he was here was great! We spent tons of time just chilling and talking. We hung out with Emi, Trev, and Nick, who even slept over one night! There were lots of people piles, lots of cuddling, and I was really sad to see Ty go. But I'm going to be seeing him next month, and that makes me happy!

If I was less tired, I'd write a longer, more involved post, but I haven't slept much this past week, what with staying up really late at night and getting woken up too early the next morning by a certain someone (*cough* Ty *cough*). Plus, we rented Slumdog Millionaire, so I'm going to go watch that now. :-)



  1. Aww, sounds like you had a fabulous time! And congrats on the boyfriend part. I guess we're both in the same shoes. :-) Thanks for sharing all the pictures!


  2. Great pics! Ty has some epic hair, I must say. Mazel tov on the new relationship! All my relationships grew out of friendships, and I can't quite imagine doing it any other way.

  3. glad to know that you had a great time with your friends.

  4. Hi I'm sorry I haven't commented lately... looks like you had a stunning time! Congratulations on your new boyfriend =) and Ty's hair is awesome! I would also be thrilled to braid it lolz... ^_^
    Hope you get the much needed sleep you need.

  5. Fabulous curls :)

    I'm loving your blog, especially as I have a small girl of my own - great to see how wonderful teenage people are! I'll be showing her your blog. Take care, and congrats :)

  6. nice picx, what camera do you have?
    me I have a sony DSC H-50

  7. i love your blog and hearing about your life.

  8. Sheila, Michael, Michele, Rochelle: Thanks! :-)

    Naomi, Julie: Thanks! I'm glad you like my blog. :-)

    Niko: I have a Canon Rebel XS, which I love. :-)