Friday, May 22, 2009

Public email

Periodically I'll get a lovely message from someone who has read and liked my blog enough to drop me a line. I really appreciate this, and getting messages from people really makes me happy! But I've realized it must be a bit of a pain to contact me privately, since previously the only way to do so was through YouTube. So I've now made a public email account:
Please mention something to do with my blog, unschooling, anarchy, or whatever in the subject line, so I know it's not spam! For those of you who already know my private email address, that's still my primary one, and you should send your emails there.



  1. sorry I haven't commented here for awhile... and cool! if I ever have a private question to ask, I'll be sure to e-mail you =)
    looks like you had a stunning time in Boston ; )

  2. because my email hates me...I'll just ask you to read my lastest post

  3. Idzie, this is totally OT but in case you haven't seen it yet I wanted to leave you a link to a new Derrick Jensen article that just came available on the Orion site.

    I thought about sending it to your new gmail acct... but decided that other readers of yours might also like Jensen... so here it is:


  4. I always learn something on your blog. I love the Orion Magazine link! Glad it was posted rather than emailed just to you!

  5. ps pirro: Thanks for the link!! I really love anything that Jensen writes, and I doubt I would have found that article otherwise...

  6. Hi Idzie,
    hi all,

    Here is a video that came out a couple days ago. Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith narrate it. It was made by Nikki Craft. Thought you might be interested:

    If that link doesn't work, try here:

    It's deeply moving, and beautifully made.