Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tidbits of life

Just wanted to share a snapshot of life tonight... We came home from a visit to my grandmother's house at 12:30 am, to find that Flora, who's an old and now sick doggy (I haven't gone into that on this blog... I'm not sure why. In short, she has a brain tumor, and is on meds that are helping for the moment... That's been a big stress lately), had pooped and peed all over the floor. Not fun to clean up. Now, however, that the cleanup is done, I find myself rather amused by our late night activities... Inspired by Iron Chef, a show we stayed late at my grandma's house to finish watching, my sister, who is SO not a cook, is making a cheese sauce from scratch, with no exact recipe, just a bit of help from my mom! Emi even seasoned it with herbs from the garden. Actually, just a few minutes ago, I was interrupted in my writing of this post, and asked if I could go get her some more Rosemary and Thyme! So out I tromped into the wet grass, flip flops on my feet, my toes quickly freezing, not quite bright enough light attached to my head, to search through the plants in the garden to find the right types of herb... She's now cooking broccoli to dip in it. Also, since my father is out of town for a couple of days, the classic rock station is cranked up, despite the fact that it's 2:00 am! Ah, unschooling...

Oh, and this is my current Facebook status:

A moth just landed on my hand, poked at my skin with it's mouth, antennae twitching curiously, tilted it's head, seemed to clean it's leg, then fluttered off. All of this happened in about five seconds. A creature both utterly beautiful and utterly strange... And for a few seconds of my life, I was completely engrossed in it's delicate world.

Here's to the small moments in life, the interesting things that happen late at night, and finding happiness in even the rockiest parts of life.



  1. Fun stuff! I do enjoy reading about little things like that, written well! :)

    And it reminds me I'm going to have to post a few recipes on my blog soon!

  2. oh how fun! I wish we could do that, well, we probably could, but my sister wouldn't be able to join in the fun =P
    and I love your facebook status... little moments like that make it life ever more lovely =)


  3. @Bethany Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-) Ooh, I love seeing new recipes!

    @Rochelle Blue Yes, they certainly do. :-)