Friday, October 9, 2009

Albatross zine

A totally awesome zine just came out, which includes my old post Anti-Civilization and What That Means (which I no longer like particularly, but that's beside the point. :-P). It's full of interesting stuff on green anarchy, DIY stuff, natural parenting, and similarly cool things. You can view it here: Albatross #1, or download it here. You can also send me an email ( and I can send the file directly to you, if you'd prefer. :-)



  1. Neither Marx nor Shaw went to university, but they did read enormously. As did Shakespeare. Right? gf

  2. You mention natural parenting. I am curious about this. I know that I was breastfed as a baby and my parents used cloth diapers for both me and my brother (which we have now passed on to my cousin and his wife who are expecting a baby boy soon!) Do you have any good links (or other info) for finding out more about natural parenting? Just curious...

  3. @Danna: This site has a large collection of articles on natural/attachment parenting: Also the book The Continuum Concept, which I started and loved, but had to return to the library before I finished it (so I can't really give an overall opinion on the book, just the beginning :-P), comes highly recommended by multiple people. Natural Life magazine,, also has regular articles on natural parenting, as does Natural Child magazine, I'm sure there are other great resources on the subject that I'm missing, but that's a start I suppose! :-)