Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's getting dark so early now... I was bemoaning the loss of Summer for a little while, but really, I love the transitions of the year! They remind me how much I love this life, and no matter how down I feel, I will be uplifted by the warm leaves and cool days of Autumn, the muffled snowfalls and cool light of Winter, the trickling water and new shoots of Spring, the long lazy days and soft nights of Summer... The world truly is a beautiful place.
Our primary heat source in the Winter is our wood stove, so each Fall we get a nice big load of wood (10 face cords for those who care to know such things :-P ), which sits in a steadily shrinking pile in the driveway as we stack it on the side of the house. This is what the pile looked like on September 15th:

And, well, today, we finally finished stacking it!

To give you a good idea of size, my mom is 5' 2", and that wood pile is in two layers, as you can see from the first pic of the pile. That's a lot of wood!! A lot of wood that will keep us toasty warm this coming Winter. :-)

In other news, I really want to write something more in-depth and substantial than the stuff I've been posting recently, but today when I tried, I failed. So I'm just going to have to wait a bit until inspiration hits me!



  1. That is one wicked wood pile! Way to go.

  2. Inspiration? I think that stack is pretty damn inspiring. ;-)

  3. oooh that wood looks sooo good, and nice and dry, a nice pile there for toasty warm fires. Am jealous! We constantly scrounge wood from the beach, we don't have a big pile like that, but I want one!