Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving and Columbus Day

This past weekend was the Canadian Thanksgiving (celebrated on the second Monday of October), so I wanted to write some type of what I'm especially thankful for post, even though I don't really consider the holiday all that important, myself, but honestly I wasn't feeling all that thankful. It's been a rough few days, with lots of family drama, so the only thing I ended up really feeling thankful for is the fact that I have my family, whom I love dearly, despite it all (all up to and including the fact that my father said yesterday that he thinks homeschooling at all was a mistake... Thanks papa, thanks a lot.).

However, I don't want to dwell on that, and I do still want to recognize both of the holidays that passed this weekend (Thanksgiving and Columbus Day), so I'll share something for both.

I wrote this post on a bunch of things I'm grateful for close to this time last year. It's overly soppy, but made me happy to write, and makes me happy re-reading it, as well! :-)

And as for Columbus Day, well, I have a feeling that many of you already know the dark side of Columbus, and perhaps are also rather disgusted that there's a holiday celebrating a genocidal slave trader. Firstly, this article is simply a long excerpt from Howard Zinn's A Peoples History of the United States, which starts with stuff specifically about Columbus. Also, this post gives ten reasons to NOT celebrate Columbus Day.

I'm thinking lots, trying to figure things out in a slightly different way from the way I have been trying to figure certain things out, and just generally have a lot going on in my head. As I start to get those things a bit more straightened out, they'll probably make it onto this blog! :-)



  1. I love your list and thought it inspirational,rather than mushy! :)

  2. I love your list of the things your grateful for... it made me see and think of the important things that we should not take for granted and be very thankful for!
    I'm sorry the past few days have been rough on you...

    *cyber hugs*


  3. Yesterday I was walking around town and saw a large protest-type-thing (not really protesting anything, but more showing their anger) with signs screaming "FOR AMERICA TO LIVE, COLUMBUS MUST DIE!!!" and "COLUMBUS: AMERICA'S FIRST TERRORIST".

    On a sillier note, I didn't even realize it was Columbus Day until hours later. LOL!

  4. Sounds like your dad's going through some confusion. Through our families, we express the best and the worst of ourselves....

  5. I love Canadian Thanksgiving because so many lovely Canadians show up here in VT! We had a wonderful long weekend with our Canadian friends who came to visit (from Montreal and Toronto)!

    And isn't it great that your papa can express himself to you? Would you really want him to keep it to himself and not share his true feelings, even if they are in conflict with your own? I bet a really interesting conversation could develop from here. I wish you all peace and understanding.

  6. are you a coast 2 coast fan.

    there recently have been several guests who are part of the sinclair family *roslyne chaple* and others who studied the kensington stone, im sorry for my spelling. but to add to that top 10 list. of the first european who was in the middle-ages, the sinclair family predates columbus bye 100 years, and is connected to the mystery tower in newport.

    and i shouldnt go into a brazilian cover up on findings of roman ships in there oceans., or egyptians in the grand canyon. thats a bit to sketchy for solid evidence