Monday, October 5, 2009

What Fall is looking like around my place...

Changing leaves...

Rich reds, oranges, and browns...

Dying echinacea...
...And me being my usual hippie-child self and hiding behind said echinacea. ;-)

Buying five, count 'em, five, bags of apples from our local orchard (we estimate it to be nearly 30 pounds of apples!)

Also picking our own apples! They're a special type, red skin, and deep pink flesh! They're a bit scabby and misshapen, but they're simply WONDERFUL for baking. They're pleasantly tart, have a gorgeous colour, and a wonderful texture when cooked.

So, of course, we cooked several delicious apple crisps, using both our own apples and the ones from the orchard. One day when my mom was out, I decided I wanted to make an apple crisp, despite the fact I never bake so usually fail at it when I do attempt to do baking related things. So I dug through a couple dozen cookbooks (my mom has quite an impressive cookbook collection) until I found a recipe for apple crisp, then I proceeded to make one, (mostly) following the directions. ;-) I was rather surprised when it turned out great!

...And disappeared quickly. ;-)


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  1. Nice photos! I love the before and after shots of the crisp, Looks yummy too!