Thursday, January 14, 2010

National Delurker Day

Taken directly from Stella's blog:

All you stalkers who always read, but never comment, today is the day to come clean! Give a little love- comment! It's National Delurking Day! Everybody loves comments! Even if you've never said a peep, I'd love it if you would introduce yourself!

So, yeah, what she said! :-P I encourage you to post this on your blog, and let readers know that it's Delurker Day! :-)



  1. I just found this blog today!

  2. hi- i'm rachel! you caught me! i've been reading & loving your blog for months as a fellow unschooler & green anarchist hippie, but don't think i've said anything yet! i'll try to work on that...

  3. Well, I'm not exactly a lurker, but I'm always reading! :D

  4. This is hysterical! Come out, come out wherever you are!

  5. @aredridel: Hey, Aria! I'm glad you found my blog! :-)

    @Rachel: Hey, thanks so much, I'm glad you like my blog! Also, it makes me very happy to *meet* a fellow green anarchist unschooling hippie!! *Grins*

    @Stella: Haha, hi Stella! :-D

    @Andrea: LOL I know, right? I love delurking day. :-)

  6. Hey it's Liam, sorry I didn't see u messged me last night. But ya you have a groovy blog. So ya hi. :P

  7. Hi there! I found you through... I think it was Blog of the Zombie Princess. Anyway, I liked what I saw so I put you on my blogroll!

  8. *pokes head out* Hi! Another 18 year old green anarchist unschooler here.
    I've been enjoying your blog for about five months now.

  9. Another lurker - I'm a newish unschooling mum from Australia.

  10. Hallo, happy to delurk! I have been home educating for 2 years now, hard to believe, and like the title of your blog. I'm in the UK. Reading blogs is one of my sources of inspiration. Thankyou.

  11. Hi, I'm Anna and I have your blog on my RSS feed. Can't remember what link I followed to get here, but I'm a nearing-thirty unschooler who didn't try formal school until I was college-age. I use schools as resources, now, but still have a very on-again, off-again relationship with them. Love staying in touch with the unschooled community world-wide via the internets. I keep a blog, the Future Feminist Librarian-Activist over at

  12. @Annie: Yay! Love your blog, and especially love your photography. :-)

    @Liam: Hey Liam! Thanks so much! :-) And no need at all to apologize for that. Plus, I miss you all the time on chat lol. I have a habit of wandering away from the computer without signing out...

    @Linda: Thanks so much, really glad you like my blog! :-)

    @Laural: So cool! We should start a club of green anarchist unschoolers lol! ;-) Seriously though, thank you, I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings. :-)

    @Kez: Thanks for saying hi! :-)

    @Globeonmytable: Thanks very much!! :-) Blogs are a big source of inspiration for me as well.

    @annajcook: It's always great to *meet* grown unschoolers! :-) I love staying in touch with the unschooling community online as well. There are so many great people in so many different places... Also, that is a very cool blog title!

  13. Hi! I read your blog too!