Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The worth of mud

I don't understand how some people can think that playing in the mud is somehow less worthy of a child's time than learning to read or do arithmetic.  The whole point of life is to live well, fully, and with joy.  Playing in a mud puddle, with the cool, smooth texture of wet earth squishing between your toes, the feel of mud as it dries on your skin, then cracks of and falls in dusty flakes to the ground...  The things you can make with it, and how good it feels in your hands.  The act of playing in mud is every bit as beautiful, in it's own way, as taking joy in a beautifully constructed story, or the flowing lines of a poem.  People need to get past seeing the world in terms of things that are "useful" and things that are not, and start seeing it as the collection of things, events, places, people, and pursuits that make life wonderful!

I came across a comment someone had made about unschooling not possibly working, because of how you could never learn anything worthy from just playing in mud (as if!), and I just had to write down my own feelings on the topic!



  1. BooYah!
    For a long time Declan was known as mudzilla!
    We had a dirt pile in our driveway that was, without a doubt, the favorite plaything in our neighborhood. We would add a hose, and all the kids would have the best time! Every child should have a mudpile!!!

  2. Beautifully written, as usual!

  3. "The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful"!

  4. Never wrote your name in the mud (or snow) with your big toe?!?! Who says you can't learn to read while making a mess :)

    Thanks for writing this.

  5. Wonderful post Idzie!

    I loved playing in the mud as a kid!

  6. Ohh... haahaa... let me add... I love playing in the mud now. If I can work in the garden or hike without shoes... I am happy! Much hasn't changed... ;)

  7. Beautifully written- I totally agree with you!!! Mud is wonderful. I was just babysitting a four year old girl, and we spent most of our time outside in the mud :)

  8. @Jean: Haha, awesome! Mud is so much fun to play in. :-)

    @Sam: Thank you so much! :-)

    @Josh: Indeed it is... :-)

    @Shira: That's very true, I hadn't even thought of that! But I can definitely remember writing things in the mud...

    @Anishinaabekwe: Thank you! *Grins* Writing this post actually made me remember how much I miss playing in the mud, and made me resolve to re-discover my love of mud-playing in the near future!

    @Stelle: Thank you! :-) Sounds like fun, and I'd say that makes you a wonderful babysitter! Too many babysitters just do their homework while the kids watch TV, it seems...